Milión: Recoleta’s Enchanting Mansion Bar

Milión is a mystical restaurant-bar that combines the main ingredients that draw people to Buenos Aires: timeless elegance, beautiful people and gourmet food. Set in a beautiful Belle Époque-style mansion, …

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The Obelisk: Yesterday and Today

Obelisk, Buenos Aires, picture of monument

The Obelisk is Buenos Aires’ most famous monument. El Obelisco extends out from the city’s midriff like a giant pencil – standing proudly erect as the unofficial center, symbol and …

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Diego Maradona: The Man, the Myth

Diego Maradona colorful portrait

Diego Maradona will be remembered as one of the greatest sport legends in Argentina’s history. He led a tumultuous personal life with troubled romantic relationships, illegitimate children in various countries …

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