Braths Brew Bar

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Updated 2016


True beer lovers in Buenos Aires tend to get excited when they discover any pub offering quality alternatives to the usual generic lager varieties.

Connoisseurs in San Telmo will be happy to know they now have a place to go to get real handcrafted beer: Brath’s Brew Bar (formerly Breoghan’s) on San Lorenzo pedestrian street.

This pub is small and quaint; it’s probably not a bar you would go to pick up girls or boys, or watch a big sports game (although there is one TV in the corner), but what it does offer is some tempting food, an Irish/Welsh-style Pub setting, and of course, the main selling point, great beer.

Brath’s has its beers handcrafted locally, and while that means that you may never be sure exactly what varieties will be available each month, you know that the product is going to be good. Try a pint of one of their brewed specialties such as the Golden Ale, Old Red Ale, or Cream Stout and pay just a few pesos more than you would for the hangover generator known as Quilmes.

The menu contains daily specials such as matambre a la pizza (flank steak with a tomato sauce and cheese topping) and pastas, as well as an interesting variety of sandwiches, but what really stands out are the picadas (antipasto platters). A wide variety of fine cheeses as well as some alternative tastes like smoked wild boar and deer make for some very interesting combinations. You’ll be looking at more than AR$100 for some of the large platters, but splitting one with a group of friends is not going to break the bank.


Breoghan Brath’s Brew Bar $$/$$$
Pje. San Lorenzo 389
San Telmo
Tel:  4362-4750

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat: 6p.m -12 a.m.,

Sun 12 p.m 10 p.m

• Closed Tuesdays

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