Italians & La Dolce Vita in Argentina

Italians in Argentina: Language and Cuisine

They say that Argentines are Italians who happen to speak Spanish. With several waves of immigrants arriving from the boot-shaped nation since Argentina won independence from Spain, it seems every …

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Gauchito Gil: Argentina’s Cowboy Saint

Folk Saint. War hero. Outlaw deserter. Dubious myth. Antonio Mamerto Gil Núñez, better known as “Gauchito Gil” is the colorful figure who represents many things to many different people in his native Argentina. Imagine Robin Hood meets patriotic soldier meets protective Saint and you will have some idea of the many sentiments this mercurial character elicits in Argentine popular culture

A Guide to Pizza in Buenos Aires

A guide to pizza in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s great pizza capitals, at least in the sheer number of pizzerias. You can’t walk a city block without passing a pizza joint, or …

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Football Argentina: Choosing a Team

Argentina Football: choosing a team to support

One of the most important decisions any overseas visitor will have to make when coming to Argentina is which football club they are going to support. Everyone in Argentina has …

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