Granix — Downtown Vegetarian Lunch Buffet

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If shopping the Porteño packed pedestrian thoroughfare Florida Street makes you hungry but your pallet cringes at the thought of eating another slab of meat, duck into the Galeria Güemes and walk up one flight of stairs to find Granix, a hidden buffet style vegetarian eatery. In business for twenty years, this is one of the most established, if no-frills vegetarian restaurants in the city. The food doesn’t boast an organic, farm fresh feel- but it is delicious, healthy and vegetarian– and all three elements are a welcome change in the country of carne.

Granix offers three buffet tables of food– one with a range of fresh salad options like shredded carrots, beats and lentils; a second with slightly mushy edible fare like eggplant and roquefort cheese quiches, stuffed vegetables, soufflés and entrées such as vegetable stew and veggie paella; a third is for take-out for all the health-conscious workers in the area.

Granix is a no-fuss, self-serve casual air-conditioned atmosphere, but there is a reason it is so pragmatic. The cafeteria is owned and operated by the ultra-conservative Seventh Day Adventists, known for living a simple, healthy lifestyle – in fact studies have shown that Adventists live seven years longer than the average person. They don’t serve alcohol here, food is prepared according to Kosher law and cooked in vapor ovens, to conserve nutrients.

Those who have spent any amount of time in Argentina probably are already familiar with the Granix company – their cookies and crackers, made without any artery-clogging hydrogenated oils or cow fat, can be found in the backpacks and picnic baskets of travelers all over the country. Their whole line of products can be purchased at the little store in the restaurant on your way out.

–Courtney Myers

(AR$38 per person/ credit cards accepted)
Florida 165 1st floor, Galleria Güemes
Hours: Lunch only, Mon—Fri 11am—3:30 pm
Tel: 4343-4020

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