Post Data — A Postal Themed Cafe in Recoleta

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* Editors Note: This cafe is now closed.

A postal themed cafe and pastry shop a stone’s throw from the tombs of Recoleta cemetery, Post•Data is so twee and wonderfully decorated that Hansel and Gretel are probably regular customers. Pretty stamps form the stripes on the wallpaper, old postcards and letters dangle from the ceiling as mobiles and vivid colors glisten on the desserts in the pastry case. The chatty staff are clearly passionate about their workplace and happily offer samplers and recommendations.

The timing of the opening of Post•Data at the end of 2009 was brave. It was the beginning of a sticky summer that saw most city-dwellers flee to the sea, with swine flu and economic problems affecting tourism and the willingness of locals to part with their pesos. But today, thanks to word of mouth in lieu of advertising, the cafe is steadily building a loyal clientele.

The postcard shaped menu has an extensive list deli style options; bagels, wraps, sandwiches and salads, each named after a global destination. Two of the menu’s best dishes are the York; roast beef, caramelized onion, pickle and mayonnaise and the Copenhagen; smoked salmon, herby cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes and arugula. Those in search of bagels will be pleased with the variety here: Parmesan, sun dried tomato, poppy seed, onion, sesame seed, vegetarian, wholegrain, garlic and last (and probably least), plain. To wash it all down try the juices made with hard-to-find fruits brought in from Colombia including mango, passion fruit, soursop and mulberry.

As good as the main dishes are, only a militant dieter would bypass dessert here. The pastries, mousses, macaroons, cookies, cakes and crumbles are hard to resist, some are topped with gravity defying whipped marshmallow frosting whilst others ooze the thick, caramel-like local specialty, dulce de leche. Continuing the international theme, Post•Data also offer Argentine interpretations of Belgian chocolates, American cupcakes and even fortune cookies.

At Post•Data, it is the little touches that add charm, such as the hand-crafted British red telephone boxes in which you receive your bill and the ‘postal packaging’ for the take away goodies. A post office themed café in Recoleta may seem like just a quaint gathering place for the elderly senoras of the neighborhood, but with the attentive service and delicious homemade snacks, Post•Data delivers on its motto of ‘a sweet message’.

— by George Warren

Post•Data – $$
Azcuenaga 1739
Tel: 4803 0496

•Hours: 9am-8pm (Monday-Wednesday)
9am-10pm (Thursday – Saturday)

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