Transportation and Lodging in Iguazú

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Getting to and around Puerto Iguazú

Puerto Iguazú is located in the northern part of Misiones, a province in the northeast of Argentina. It is about a 17-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires and costs around $US116-$194 for roundtrip ticket.

Make sure you request a ‘cama’ or ‘semi-cama’ (seats that recline) — it’s worth the extra expense. Flights to Iguazu takes a much less taxing 1h30min and costs $US 272-315 if booked in advance. There is an international airport in Puerto Iguazú (IGR) that has two incoming and outgoing flights to Buenos Aires every day. Many consider LAN airlines the most reliable.

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The falls are about a 20-minute taxi ride from the airport. There is also a shuttle service that will also take you to the downtown area, traveling Route 12, along which several hostels are located. The downtown area has a variety of accommodation to choose from, some restaurants and a bus station, although the town of Puerto Iguazú is more of a pit stop than anything else.

There are few taxis around the city center, but by far the most useful form of transportation is the bus that goes from the downtown to the falls, making frequent stops along Route 12. From the terminal to the Argentine National Park, the bus costs under US$1 and leaves roughly every 45 minutes. This terminal is also the gateway to omnibuses traveling to and from all parts of Argentina.

Sleeping and Eating in Puerto Iguazú

Even if you’re adverse to chain hotels, you might want to make an exception at the falls. The admittedly ugly Melia Iguazu (formerly the Sheraton Resort & Spa) is in the Argentina National Park has a spectacular $US250/night panoramic view of the waterfalls and offers the chance to see white-headed capuchin monkeys up close, as they have invaded the hotel grounds. The hotel has the usual five-star amenities — a gourmet restaurant, swimming pool, tennis courts and is accessible for wheelchair users, but staying here is all about the location, which besides the views, allows visitors to explore the falls at dusk and beat the crowds in the morning. Reservations are recommended, especially in the high season. Just be sure to close your balcony doors and windows if staying here to avoid any monkey business.

For those on a budget, there are a number of hostels to chose from. Hostel Bambú offers private suites with a full bathroom in addition to dorms. The staff is helpful, it’s clean and there is a bar/patio area right in front for those who want to wind down with a cocktail and meet other travelers. This hostel, along with Marcopolo Inn (which has the benefit of a pool) is located in the downtown area, providing convenient access to restaurants and the bus terminal. There are also several options along Route 12 that offer comfortable atmospheres and even a few that have pools, which may be desired since this northern area of Misiones can get very humid. Don’t forget to pack bug spray!

There is a supermarket in town for those who want to snack or cook in the kitchen of a hostel. Those who prefer a prepared meal will find plenty of restaurants offering the usual pizzas and steaks in the downtown area. Las Cañitas, La Rueda and La Esquina, located in Hotel Saint George, are some standouts. Aside from the local casino, don’t expect much nightlife in Iguazú, because most people in the town are just passing through.

—by Jenna Frisch

Essential Items to Pack for Iguazú:
• Bug Spray
• Sunscreen
• Bathing suit
• Good walking shoes
• Camera!

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