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Wander Argentina was first conceptualized with the idea to start a bilingual newspaper called ‘¿Que Onda?‘ 

That was about 15 years ago and right around that time, it became apparent that the rough and tumble newspaper business was quickly being overshadowed by the internet and that the world wide web was becoming the most useful and utilized platform to provide up-to-date travel information.

Fourteen years and a few wrinkles later, Wander Argentina, founded in 2009 is the culmination of many years of learning, living and traveling throughout Argentina.

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Wander Argentina’s Mission

Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date information about traveling in Argentina for visitors and foriegn residents.

Our entertaining features offer an ‘insider’s view’ into Argentine culture and are aimed to help inspire people explore the culture and country.

All of our hotel, restaurant and business recommendations are personally selected by us and independently reviewed. If we cover it, it’s usually because we like it and if we don’t like something, we’ll let you know that too.

We aim to promote socially and environmentally responsible travel.

Our readers and clients are knowledgable and thoughtful travelers who like comfort, but not necessarily excess. They spend wisely on travel, entertainment and making once-in-a-lifetime memories, and not so much the latest fashions and posing for the ‘Gram.

Wander Argentina Founder/Publisher

Wander Argentina publisher, editor and reluctant computer nerd, Ande Wanderer first came to Argentina in 2003 and moved there six months later.

She began a journalism career as an ‘analogue nomad’ when she moved to India with an Olivetti manual typewriter during her second year of college, as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree with an area of concentration in Journalism and Global studies as part of the Friends World Program of Long Island University. (Not that you care, but Google does — sorry!)

She has since written articles for outlets such as the Associated Press, IANS and magazines and newspapers across the globe (many now defunct unfortunately — RIP real journalism).

She contributed two essays about Argentina to the book ‘Getting Out — Your Guide to Leaving America, a guide for expatriation, which had a second edition released in 2011.

She also studied at the Film Worker’s Union of Buenos Aires (known by its Spanish acronym, SICA) taught herself video editing and began to produce short videos for clients such as Geobeats.com, the Associated Press, tiva.tv and private clients.

Today she runs Wander Argentina, does occasional private tours, freelance writing, photography and consulting.

She’s a big fan of personal websites, in lieu of social media monetizing personal data. Hers is AndeWanderer.com

Wander Argentina Staff/Contributors

Former Contributing Editor Rosie Hilder, grew up in a small town in South West England, and completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Leeds in 2008.

During her university holidays, she traveled around Mexico and Morocco and volunteered in Uganda.

After graduating, she set her sights on moving abroad, trained as a TEFL teacher, and moved to Bolivia for a teaching job she found on the Internet.

When the job fell through, she headed to Buenos Aires to seek her fortune in 2010.

In addition to her staff position at Wander-Argentina, she is a former freelance journalist for Time Out Buenos Aires, an English teacher and singer/songwriter.

Today she is the Deputy Editor for Creative Bloq.

Former Contributing Editor, Dan Colasimone grew up in Bundaberg, Australia, and completed a double major in Journalism at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, in 2003.

He has lived in Italy and South Korea, and was a resident of Buenos Aires from 2006.

He has worked as a freelance writer for various travel magazines and sports websites such as F1Way.com, In (LAN Chile) and Escape (Hong Kong), and was the chief writer on the 2007 Korean documentary, ‘Behind Forgotten Eyes’.

He specializes in writing features about travel, sport, food and wine, among other topics.

Before returning to Australia to further pursue his journalism career he one of the founders of the Hand of Pod football (soccer) podcast and wrote a lot of Wander Argentina’s football content.

Today Dan is a reporter and producer for ABC News.

Courtney Boyd Myers is a freelance journalist living who previously lived in Buenos Aires.

She has written for True/Slant, Pocket-Lint, Flavorwire, Relix, GBQ, Wander-Argentina & Forbes.

She loves robots, Torrontes (wine), yoga and live music.

She was named one of Business Insider’s ’30 Most Important Women Under 30′ and founded audience.io, a transatlantic company whose aim is to help New York City and London-based start-ups collaborate internationally. She has her very own Wikipedia page.

Avery White is from the Southeastern United States.

She studied Art History, Studio Art, Social and Cultural Analysis and Feminist Philosophy at the University of Georgia.

One month after college graduation she sold all of her belongings in a yard sale and moved south to Buenos Aires.

She has traveled through the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Avery was a freelance reporter for National Public Radio for over five years.

She is the co-producer of the documentary, ‘Chop From the Top: A Case For a Living Wage.’ . Today she works at the World Music Library, writes for Vice.com and is a wedding photographer.

Tilly Dale in South America

Writer and contributor, Tilly Dale grew up on the North Norfolk coast in the UK.

After living in Barcelona for a year after high school she decided to study Spanish along with Sociology at University, spending some of that time in Santiago de Compostela.

The love for the language drew her to South America, where she spent some time living and volunteering in Arequipa, Peru and then Argentina.

She loves hiking, running, and veggie food and is also a private ESL tutor. Tilly’s been living between the UK and Rosario, Santa Fe since 2019.

Rachel Aretakis

Writer and Contributor, Rachel Aretakis did her junior year abroad in Buenos Aires, where she wrote about studying abroad and tourist hotspots for Wander Argentina.

Today she is a graduate of of the School of Journalism at the University of Kentucky and a current breaking news and health editor at USA Today.

More of our contributors listed below, at the end of their articles.

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