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Chinatown Buenos Aires: Discover Barrio Chino

Buenos Aires’ Chinatown (Barrio Chino as it is known by locals) is signaled by an ornate stone archway alongside the train tracks at the intersection of Juramento and Arribeños in…

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Iguazu Falls 🏞

The Wanda Mines: Amethyst Treasures of Misiones

Wanda Mines - picture of amethyst mine

Wanda Mines, in the misted shadow of the largest waterfall of South America, Iguazú, is a peculiar side attraction worth a visit for those interested in gemstones, geology, or jewelry….

Getting to Iguazu Falls

How to get to Iguazu (aerial shot of Iguazu Falls)

Most people traveling to Iguazu Falls stop off in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo before heading to the falls, either by bus or air. Travelers who don’t…

Iguazú Falls: Where to Stay?

Iguazu Falls: where to stay?

Visitors to Iguazu Falls are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a good hotel or hostel. Because Iguazu Falls is shared between Argentina and Brazil, the first choice…