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Travel Argentina: Buenos Aires & Beyond 💃

Activities in Buenos Aires 🎻

The Sunday San Telmo Fair

San Telmo Sunday Fair

There is always a lot to see and do in ‘The Republic of San Telmo,’ but the colorful Sunday street fair is the bohemian neighborhood’s biggest attraction. The Feria de…


Welsh in Argentina: Hearty Settlers of Patagonia

Welsh in Patagonia (landscape)

The Welsh community in Argentina has an intriguing and little-known history. In the 1860s Welsh emigrants, seeking to preserve their language and culture, left Wales to establish a settlement on…

Experiences in Buenos Aires

Driving & Car Rental

Argentina: Driving and car rental information. Picture of National Route 40

Argentina is a huge country with many out-of-the-way scenic areas that lend themselves to road trips, particularly in Patagonia, Mendoza‘s wine country, the Andean Northwest and to visit small towns…

Buenos Aires Tango Shows & Activities

A couple dance tango. Buenos Aires tango show, in the birthplace of tango

For many, tango is synonymous with Argentina. Seeing a tango show in Buenos Aires is one of those obligatory tourist activities visitors feel compelled to do, just like seeing a…

Food + Drink

Malbec: Argentina’s Signature Red Wine

Malbec: Argentian's Signature red wine

You haven’t really been to Argentina unless you’ve enjoyed a glass of Malbec with a big juicy steak. The ubiquitous Argentine nectar made from the deep purple Malbec grape had…

Guide to Ordering Coffee like a Local

Ordering coffee like a local is the first step to fully immerse yourself in Argentina’s vibrant coffee culture.   Italian coffee culture has spread worldwide in the last thirty years or…

Landmarks 🏛

Argentine Spanish 🇦🇷

Lunfardo: The Dirty Slang of Buenos Aires

Lunfardo is a jargon of about 5,000 words that emerged among the lower classes in Buenos Aires in the second half of the 19th century. The slang first grew out…