Football/ Soccer Games in Buenos Aires: Boca, River & Big Five Tickets

After Argentina’s 2022 historic World Cup triumph in Qatar, the soccer aka football scene in Buenos Aires came back with a vengeance in 2023, especially after a couple of years of cabin fever.

In Argentina, futból is religion and each team’s stadium is a temple.

The proof is in the punting: Buenos Aires lays claim to fame as the city with the most soccer stadiums in the world.

The fans are also loyal and legendary.

The 2022 FIFA Fan Award went to Argentina’s fans for their unwavering backing of the Argentine National Team during every stage of the World Cup.

Fans are just as enthusiastic cheering for their own team back home, whether it’s one of the Big Five such as Boca Jrs or River Plate, or an emerging Division One underdog such as Barracas or Huracán.

See the fancy footwork of Argentina’s players up close and find out why the dedication of Argentina’s fans earned them global recognition.

About Argentina’s First Division Soccer League

Catching an Argentina’s First Division football match is a bucket-list item for any avid sport fan.

The 2023 tournament consists of a single match between the 28 teams (26 clubs plus two promoted from the Primera Nacional league) in the competition, as in 2022.

The first semester runs from late January/early February until early August.

The second semester is from late August until late November/early December.

Want to catch a game during your trip to Buenos Aires?

Football fans watch the game in the club member section at La Boca Jrs. Bombonera stadium in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires

— Upcoming Games in Buenos Aires — 

Between the Copa Argentina, the Supercopa Argentina, Supercopa International, Trofea de Campeones de la Liga Profesional, not to mention continental tournaments such as the South American Cup, there is likely to be a game that matches your travel dates.

Just keep in mind that the off season is during the summer break, from December through early February.

At that time your only option will be friendlies along the Atlantic Coast. Tickets aren’t sold for those games, you’ll just have to wander down toward Mar del Plata to see if you can catch one.

Argentina 2023 Upcoming First Division Football/Soccer Matches

Game Dates:Second Semester Fixtures

August 30, 2023: Racing Club vs Boca Juniors, Copa Libertador Qualifiers, 9:30 pm
September 2, 2023 Huracán vs Colón
September 3, 2023: Boca Juniors vs Tigre, TBD
September 7, 2023: Argentina vs Ecuador, (2026 World Cup Qualifiers ) 9:00 pm Monumental
September 17, 2023: River Plate vs Arsenal, TBD
September 17, 2023: San Lorenzo vs Racing Club, TBD
September 20, 2023: River Plate vs Atl. Tucuman, TBD
September 20 Huracán vs Gimnasia, TBD
September 23, 2023: Independiente vs Instituto, TBD
September 24, 2023: Boca Juniors vs Lanus, TBD

Huracán vs Velez TBD
September 30, 2023: San Lorenzo vs Huracan, TBD September 30, 2023: Racing Club vs Independiente, TBD
October 1, 2023: SUPERCLASICO Boca Juniors vs River Plate*, TBD
October 8, 2023: River Plate vs Talleres, TBD
October 18, 2023: Boca Juniors vs Union, TBD
Huracán vs Instituto
Independiente vs Barracas, TBD

October 25, 2023: Racing Club vs Boca Juniors, TBD
October 25, 2023: *River Plate vs Independiente, TBD
October 28, 2023: Independiente vs Arsenal, TBD
October 29, 2023: Boca Juniors vs Estudiantes, TBD
Huracán vs Barracas Central
November 5, 2023: River Plate vs Huracan, TBD

San Lorenzo vs Boca Juniors, TBD
November 11, 2023: Independiente vs Banfield, TBD
November 12, 2023: Boca Juniors vs Newell’s Old Boys, TBD
Huracán vs Arsenal Sarandi
November 26, 2023: River Plate vs Instituto, TBD
December 3 to 7: Play offs, seeding pending results of tournament
December 16, 2023: Championship Cup face-off (last game of the year)

A close view of professional football at Boca Junior's stadium, the Bombonera

See Footie Action Up Close in Buenos Aires

Keep in mind, that even after dates are set, they are often shuffled around to accommodate the TV broadcasting schedule.
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Boca Juniors field

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Argentina’s Classic Teams & Rabid Rivalries ↗

To get a taste of Argentine football on the off-season (or in season!) can also take the popular Bombonera and River Plate stadium tour to see the stadium museums, go on the pitch, and, if you’re lucky, spot players.

Polo Games & the Argentina Polo Open

Argentina is known for its soccer, but many don’t know that the sport if truly dominates worldwide is polo. The polo tournament season runs from early October until December.

If planning to be in Buenos Aires during the months of November and December, don’t miss a game at the Polo Open.

At the tournament visitors rub elbows with Argentina’s elite in the stands and get to witness the fast-past action with famous players such as Ralph Lauren model, Nacho Figueras at Argentina’s largest Polo tournament in the Palermo neighborhood’s ‘Polo Cathedral.’

➡ Read about Polo in Argentina 🏇🏼

During the off-season, visitors can still get acquainted with polo, by arranging for a trip to a ranch to see an amateur match or by taking a full-day tour to a ranch to learn polo yourself.

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