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Do you need travel insurance for Argentina? Picture of Iguazu Falls with a rainbow.

Do you need travel insurance for Argentina?

Whether or not to buy a travel insurance policy is a question that comes up a lot in relation to traveling to Argentina.

Since Argentina reopened its borders, travel insurance that covers Covid is required for all foreign travelers to Argentina.

Argentina has public healthcare and anyone who is in the country can seek emergency treatment at public facilities. But the once exemplar public health care in Argentina has declined from the good old days and the new requirements are a preventative measure meant to prevent foreigners from clogging up the public health services.

Since reopening its borders after the pandemic, the health-related requirements for travelers to Argentina are:

• Travelers to Argentina must be fully vaccinated by two weeks before the date of travel. Any brand of vaccination is permitted, but in the case of a vaccination that has two doses, the second dose must be administered two weeks before your trip.

• Travelers are required to have Insurance that covers Covid.

• Travelers must get a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of travel. This is not necessary for children under six years old.

• Travelers must complete a Declaracion Jurada within 48 ours of entering the country. Click here to open the form in English. Those who are over 70 years old are not obliged to fill it out online.

While both public and private healthcare professionals in Argentina tend to be excellent, public hospitals are overwhelmed and not really places where you want to spend a lot of time. Often the facilities are dilapidated, stray animals hang out in the hallways and cigarette smoke bellows from offices (believe it or not!). Any prescription medicine, or medical devices such as crutches or an arm sling will cost money if you are uninsured. Some public hospitals do not provide things such as sheets and towels for patients.

That being said, 65% of the population is vaccinated in Argentina, so it is unlikely for travelers to get Covid. Cases are low, with the level of new infections at 4% of the peak of the pandemic.

Loss of Property Insurance

It is far more likely that visitors will lose bags, be a victim of theft or incur some other material loss on a trip to Argentina than have a health emergency. That is when vacation insurance protection against theft or lost baggage can be a godsend.

Check out this viral video from a few years ago — a Canadian tourist on a bike tour through La Boca (not on one of Wander Argentina’s tours, we are happy to report!) got held up at gun point while wearing a GoPro camera.

It’s not far-flung to think the bewildered Canuck didn’t turn his bag over — even though a gun is pointed at him — because he had expensive equipment and didn’t have travel insurance.

Travel insurance or not, even locals don’t recommend carrying anything expensive or shiny in La Boca . La Boca is probably the most dangerous neighborhood you will visit while in the country. We recommend that you stay on the beaten path here, in and around Caminito, or taking a guided tour  (with a responsible company).

Travel Insurance from World Nomads

World Nomads is a well-established travel insurance company and the one most veteran wanderers recommend. They have 24-hour emergency assistance and cover residents from 150 countries. You can purchase, extend and claim, even while traveling. Their plans even cover lost, stolen or damaged baggage. You can be assured all this, because that comes straight from their website.

If you don’t want to leave us for the World Nomad website to get a quote — and we sure don’t want you to — you can get a free quote below:


Travel and Make a Difference

World Nomads is backed by a suite of specialist travel insurers who provide you with 24-hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.

When you buy a policy from World Nomads not only are you covered, you can help make a difference to developing communities. Your small donation helps fund local projects through the WorldNomads Footprints program and you also help keep Wander Argentina going at no extra cost!

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