Wander Argentina: Our Services

Tickets & Tours to Soccer/Football ⚽️

We offer tours to soccer (football), polo and rugby games when in season.

Getting tickets to professional sports games in Buenos Aires can be a serious scavenger hunt and sometimes the atmosphere around the stadium can be hectic.

We take visitors to take in a game safely with a local guide and football expert, who will give further insight into the sport and local rivalries, football chants and the politics around professional sports in Argentina.

A close view of professional football at Boca Junior's stadium, the Bombonera

See Footie Action Up Close in Buenos Aires

If you are looking to book a game far in advance please note, while we know the date of the game, we have no way to know the exact game time or at what time it will end.

The exact game times for soccer games are often set by the Argentine Football Association within a short timeframe before the game.

A little flexibility may be needed so hopefully visitors don’t have a tight itinerary around that game time!

Boca Juniors an River Plate games while the most popular, are the most difficult to get tickets to and the most expensive to attend.

In the off season, visitors will have to settle for tours of La Bombonera, Boca’s stadium and River Plate’s stadium, which are open to visitors all week.

Buenos Aires Airport Pickup 🛬

Yes, Johnny Depp featured in cologne ads at Ezeiza Airport.

After a long international flight and landing in Buenos Aires the last thing you want to do is change money at the airport (getting the official, not the Blue Rate) and then deal with what locals refer to as the Ezeiza taxi mafia

We offer safe airport pickup or transfer to your hotel or airbnb in a luxury Sedan with wifi.

Tango Shows & Activities 💃🏽

Tango dancers in front of the Obelisco
2020 Tango Festival – courtesy the City of Buenos Aires

We offer a curated list and tickets to Buenos Aires most renowned tango shows, classes and milonga tours, every night of the week.

Most dinner shows include pick-up and drop-off, with a choice of a show only or dinner show.

For ease of use and since the tango shows aren’t subject to changes in the itinerary, you can book shows and tango activities through the website directly online.

For some of the city’s tango shows such as one of our favorites, Piazzolla Tango, the VIP option is not available to purchase online. In these cases, we are more than happy to arrange for you, just get in touch.

Buenos Aires Day Trips & City Tours 🏙

People riding a canoe in the Tigre Delta outside of Buenos Aires

After so many years in Argentina we know a wide ranch of Buenos Aires tour companies and guides.

The tours available range from horse-riding and an asado at a ranch, walking and bike tours, literary and cultural tours, to Argentine cooking classes and even an inexpensive and fun street art tour.

There is something for everyone — so check out our Buenos Aires Day Tours and activities or see what tours our partners offer online.

Blue Dollar & Money Transfer Information

Over the years we have seen a need to help travelers figure out how to transfer money to Argentina from overseas in order to get a better exchange rate and avoid ATM fees.

This is due to currency restrictions that create a parallel currency market referred to as the ‘blue dollar.’

We aim to help travelers avoid losing money and having headaches on their vacation as a result of poor planning, so please read our posts to get a handle on the ‘Blue Dollar’ situation.

We have an online, real-time currency converter to help you determine the official, blue dollar and Western Union rate all at once.

Travelers who didn’t do their research beforehand often say, ‘I wish I had known before I got here!’

The green water of Lago Frías, a glacier-made lake in Patagonia's Nahuel Huapi National Park

Travel Planning: Designing a Travel Itinerary

After two decades in Argentina and more than a decade of Wander Argentina, we’ve made contacts across the country and found the best providers for the many types of excursions from Iguazu in Missiones to El Calafate.

Whether you’re looking for tours of the city, far-off adventure, a wine tasting extravaganza or a mind-blowing trip to the end of the world, we can help you!

General travel itineraries are sent out upon customer request.

For specialized, personal travel plans, we charge a small fee to draw up the customized itinerary, which is put toward the cost of your trip, should you decide to book..

Our traveling guests are provided with a selection of our recommended accommodations and activities for their trip.

In the unlikely event you aren’t interested in booking the customized vacation, the fee goes toward administrative costs and is non-refundable.

Why Book With Wander Argentina?

Working with a local company that knows the lay of the land to plan your vacation can save time, money and major headaches.

Avoid paying the premium dealing with an overseas travel agent who doesn’t speak Spanish, have local contacts and is unable to purchase tickets at the blue dollar rate.

We help you with the nitty gritty details of traveling in Argentina, and sometimes there are quirks that an overseas agent can’t anticipate.

In one email we received, a traveler who didn’t book with us complained because they had to spend a whole day processing their Brazil visa to visit the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls – if they had used a better travel planner they would have known to apply for the visa before traveling. (Brazilian visa requirements have since been relaxed, so do your research).

Similarly, an independent traveler wrote us recently to ask why they couldn’t find a cheap flight from Foz de Iguacu, Brazil to Buenos Aires.

Turns out they were searching for flights out of the wrong airport and were delighted to find out another airport a few miles away offered the flight they needed.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you need to know! And that creed certainly applies to traveling in Argentina.

When we help plan your travels you are provided with all the necessary information such as airport check-in times, I.D. requirements, luggage allocations on airplanes, national park fees and required currency, and tips of how to save money

( Update: now that the so-called blue dollar is back with a vengeance, it makes the most financial sense to use a local agent to avoid paying the official rate).

On top of that, we cherish our guests and offer personalized  customer service.

Check out some sample templates of the bucket list vacations we can arrange for travelers to Argentina.

15 Days Buenos Aires, Iguazu and Classic Patagonia

Seven Days Salta, Purmamarca & Iguazu Tour

Two Days in Iguazu

→ Five Days in Salta, Argentina

Four Days Hiking & Kayaking in Bariloche

Editorial Services

If you are looking for an experienced Buenos Aires-based journalist, travel writer and photographer to produce a feature for your publication or would like a personalized tour, feel free to get in touch with Wander Argentina founder and editor, Ande Wanderer.

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions about how we can help you.