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One thing you need to know before you travel to Argentina: it’s weird.

Argentina marches to the beat of its own carnival, candombe or protest drum.

This quirky country at the end of the world requires a little homework before travel.

Hot-of-the-press guidebooks can be useless because the information changes rapidly.

And fair warning: there are some vloggers, bloggers, so-called influencers who just pass through for a few days, take pictures in front of famous landmarks and then hire writers in India who’ve never been to Argentina. πŸ˜†

Just because someone has an Instagram shot in front of the Tortoni Cafe does not mean that they have a lay of the land. Be sure to read reliable sources!

Even the Buenos Aires Tourism website notes that it is illegal to change money on the black market and encourages tourists to use ATMs or official exchange houses, in other words, paying twice the price for your vacation which no one in their right mind does.

Possible results of getting the wrong information or not doing your research are not limited to:

Here are some pages with information useful for travelers to Argentina:

🏨 Accommodation

Where to stay is always an important question when visiting a new place.

B&B or hotel? Near the center or in a quiet neighborhood?

Being stuck with accommodation that is already paid for but sucks is not a good position in which to find oneself.

This is another topic where a bit of homework pays off. Weigh the pros and cons of hotels and Airbnb, hostels and the homestay scene.

Read how to mitigate the risks, and how to get the best exchange rates.

πŸš— Driving & Car Rental

Depending on where and how one travels, visitors may want to rent a car while in Argentina.

It’s a great option in places with beautiful wide-open landscapes such as La Vuelta a los Valles, Salta, the Seven Lakes region and around Puerto Madryn.

Find out the rules of the road, where to rent a car, and what to do if you are pulled over.

✈ Flights  

Find out some hacks to find the cheapest flight to Argentina.

Also read about Argentina’s fledgeling budget airline industry and learn how to book internal flights without paying local taxes.

πŸ’° Transfer Money (Blue Dollar)

Take heed wide travelers! PAY ATTENTION HERE!

Do not use the ATMs in Argentina unless losing money gives you strange satisfaction.

Travelers used to have to bring cash to Argentina to take advantage of the very favorable ‘Blue Rate‘ for foreign currency.

Now it’s just as good to Transfer Money to yourself avoid the sucky official bank rate (about 50% less than the blue market rate) and those high ATM fees. Also learn about the newish ‘credit card rate’ or MEP rate that gives a decent rate for select credit cards.

⚠️ Travel Insurance

Argentina has a national healthcare system that is universal and serves anyone in the land.

Most remote workers, digital nomads and expats take out private insurance for better facilities and faster service.

For the first time, during the pandemic private health insurance was required for travelers to Argentina.

It is no longer required but private travel insurance is always a good idea.

πŸ‘š What to Pack

Travelers have to put on their thinking cap to pack wisely.

This is an area where there are some things you don’t know you need to know. If you forget anything, some replacement items are inexpensive here and others will cost you an arm and a leg.

Some medications are not available and some are dirt cheap and over the counter.

Find out why big wheeled suitcases are a nightmare in the streets and whether you need to bring a power converter.