Karla Johan: Sommelier of Mate

An Argentine woman holding a mate (a recipient for herbal tea)

Name: Karla Johan Profession: Sommelier of Mate & Author Lives: Belgrano, Buenos Aires From: Missiones Age: 45 and well-preserved, thanks to mate! How and at what age did you start …

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Porteño Corner: Melany Vega

Melany Vega live on radio

Name: Melany VegaProfession: Promoter/Singer Lives: Congreso, Buenos Aires (originally from Salto, Uruguay)Age: 25 • You grew up in Uruguay. Where? And what was it like to grow up there? I …

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Roaring Mount Tronador & The Black Glacier

The Garganta del Diablo, or 'Devil's Throat' waterfall on Mount Tronador in Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina's section ofPatagonia

Mount Tronador, only 90 kilometers from downtown Bariloche, is one of the most accessible and popular destinations in Patagonia. The ‘thundering mountain’ is the highest peak in Nahuel Huapi National …

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