The Best Argentine Movies and TV Shows to Stream Online

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Perfect for lovers of movies or those just looking for another series to binge-watch online, we’ve gathered a list of the best Argentine films and TV shows to watch this year. 

Including a whole range of genres, from crime dramas to unmissable classics, the question, “What should I watch on Netflix tonight?” will never be asked again. 

The Argentine film industry produces incredible award-winning movies, as well as classic and highly entertaining TV shows. Argentine cinema incorporates intelligence and wit, resulting in thought-provoking yet utterly enjoyable entertainment.

These must-watch Argentine films and series, available to watch online through Amazon or Netflix, are a perfect way to gain a deeper insight into the culture and the language, bringing a true Argentine experience right to your couch.

Complete this experience with some mate or a glass of malbec to truly feel immersed. 

[Not in Argentina but still want to watch these brilliant movies and shows? All that has to be done is install a VPN  (Virtual Private Network). Watching Netflix with a VPN is perfectly legal and means it’s possible to stream Netflix content without geographical restrictions.]

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Must-watch Argentine movies

Some of the following movies are available to stream on Netflix, the others on Amazon. For anyone who doesn’t already have an Amazon Prime account, it’s possible to to sign up for a 30-day free trial to try it out.

La Historia Oficial – The Official Story (1985) 

Set in 1983, towards the end of the ‘Dirty War,’ this historical drama represents something that thousands of Argentines have painfully lived through, and it cleverly uses Alicia’s, an upper-class history teacher, perspective to unveil the darkness and corruption of the time. 

In La Historia Oficial we follow Alicia’s journey as she starts to wonder about the identity of her adopted daughter’s birth parents. She begins to suspect they were among the many innocent victims of the dictatorship, who were either killed or kidnapped -the ‘desaparecidos’ or  ‘disappeared’ as they are referred to in Argentina. 

This powerful and heartwarming Oscar-winning film is for anyone into polemical thrillers or keen to better understand the consequences of Argentina’s dictatorship.

A movie that shouldn’t be missed.

Watch the La Historia Oficial trailer on Youtube: 

Rent or Buy La Historia Oficial on Amazon.

Or stream La Historia Oficial on Netflix.

Relatos Salvajes – Wild Tales (2014) 

Relatos Salvajes is a dark comedy and a compilation of six short films. The tales are of normal people in natural settings. Revenge is a common theme throughout. The characters are pushed to their limits, taken over by extreme emotions and the consequences are portrayed in a Tarantino-style manner.

Full of tension and violence, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat wanting to know how each chapter ends. 

This brilliant movie is directed by Damian Szifron and was nominated for Best Foreign Film. It also stars one of Argentina’s most beloved actors, Ricardo Darín.

Watch the Relatos Salvajes trailer on Youtube: 

Rent or buy Relatos Salvajes on Amazon.  

El Angel – The Angel (2018) 

El Angel is an energetic, fascinating and somewhat chilling cinematic adaptation of a true crime story.  

Taking us back to the 70s, accompanied by a Scorsese-inspired soundtrack,  it details the life of 17-year-old serial killer, Carlos Robeldo Puch. 

Carlitos has an angelic, charming demeanor, which contrasts with his eerie coldness and criminal mind. After starting out committing petty crimes, he befriends an accomplice. Together they become a dangerous duo, with their crimes escalating in nature. 

This powerful and entertaining thriller is both unsettling and engrossing.  To this day Carlos Robeldo Puch, dubbed ‘The Black Angel’ and ‘The Angel of Death’ by the media, is the longest-serving prisoner in Argentina.

Watch the trailer for El Angel:

Buy El Angel on Amazon. 

Nueve Reinas – Nine Queens (2000)  

Considered one of the classics of Argentine ‘nuevo cine argentino’ movement and a movie that greatly influenced the film industry thereafter, Nueve Reinas is another award-winning Argentine movie starring Ricardo Darín. 

This thrilling crime drama depicts two con artists who decide to work together to pull off their biggest crime yet: conning a wealthy collector into buying forged stamps known as ‘the nine queens.’

Not only is this entertaining movie filled with suspense and pretense, but it also provides an insight into the common scams played on tourists in Buenos Aires

Buy the DVD on Amazon.

Un Novio Para mi Mujer – A Boyfriend for my Wife (2008) 

Un Novio Para Mi Mujer is arguably the best romantic-comedy to come out of the Argentine film industry. 

It tells the story of an unhappy couple, Tenso and Tana. Tenso is too timid to break up with his wife and hires another man to seduce her, in an effort to cause her to break up with him and initiate a divorce herself.

As the movie progresses, Tenso and Tana are subjects to the unexpected consequences that comically unfold.

This movie is a wonderful, lighthearted comedy with simple but brilliant character development. It will no doubt leave you grinning for the rest of the night.

Rent or buy Un Novio Para mi Mujer on Amazon. 

El Secreto de sus Ojos – The Secret in Their Eyes (2010) 

Packed with excitement, El Secreto de sus Ojos is a murder mystery-style thriller that tells the story of a recently retired federal investigator, played by Ricardo Darín. He revisits a 25-year old rape and murder case that has been disturbing him ever since he originally investigated it. 

While writing a book about this case he visits his former colleague, uncovering a buried romance between them.

This crime drama has rightfully won numerous awards, including an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2010.

Full of symbolism and totally engrossing, El Secreto de sus Ojos is a lovingly-crafted film with a surprise ending. No wonder it is on the BBC’s list of the 100 greatest films of the 21st Century.

Watch the trailer on Youtube:

Rent or buy El Secreto de sus Ojos on Amazon. (Not to be confused with the 2015 American remake of the movie.)

Mi Obra Maestra – My Masterpiece (2018) 

An engaging comedy with dark undertones, Mi Obra Maestra is about a friendship of two characters: a charming, crafty art dealer and a rather cranky, socially-clumsy painter. 

In an attempt to re-establish the painter’s career, they come up with a crazy plan. The roles are superbly brought to life by the great actors Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni.

Mi Obra Maestra is a crowd-pleasing movie, full of every emotion, that entertains from start to finish. 

Watch the trailer for Mi Obra Maestra:

Stream Mi Obra Maestra on Netflix.

Esperando la carroza – Waiting for the Hearse (1985) 

A lot of Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) would say that Esperando la carroza is the best Argentine movie ever made and are able to recite the cult classic word for word. 

This timeless black comedy, of the genre ‘grotesque criollo‘, depicts a normal but charismatic middle-class family with an annoying, burdensome grandmother.

Perhaps a reason for the movie’s popularity is that the core themes that it explores through dark humor are reflected in the realities of a lot of Argentine families today. 

Along with a great cast that execute the roles perfectly, Esperando la carroza grants a proper laugh-out-loud experience for the entirety of the film.

Those who understand Argentine Spanish can watch the whole thing on Youtube:

Tiempo de Valientes – On Probation (2005) 

Tiempo de Valientes is a crime comedy film, but not the typical buddy-cop gag. 

This hilarious movie is about a burly police officer, depressed after his wife cheated on him. The cop is assigned a therapist, played by the accomplished actor Diego Perreti, to help him get back to work.

 Together they face a troublesome situation as they end up unexpectedly involved in a criminal conspiracy and have to rely on each other and their new-found friendship.

A movie full of action and fine comedy, rounded off with brilliant dialogue, Tiempo de Valientes ticks all the boxes and is definitely worth a watch.

Buy the Tiempo de Valientes DVD on Amazon. 

Must-watch Argentine TV shows

For those more into television series, the following are all available to stream on Netflix:

Los Simuladores – The Simulators (2002-2004) 

Los Simuladores is so hugely popular it is considered a nationwide phenomenon. The sitcom is about a group of four men who solve problems, the type of problems that occur to people from all walks of life, and they do this using elaborate cons, or simulations. 

Each member of the group has different specialties. For example Santos, who is considered the leader, takes charge of logistics and planning. In each episode they adapt their roles in response to the specific issue at hand. 

The group executes solving the problems in a scientific method, each time using thorough investigation and methods such as psychology, law and disguise.

The show embodies Argentine culture in many ways and is highly entertaining thanks to its ingenious character development and captivating plot. For those that haven’t seen it, make it be the next thing you watch — you certainly won’t regret it!

Stream Los Simuladores on Netflix.

Vientos de aguaWinds of Water (2006)

Vientos de agua is a mini-series that follows the journey of a Spaniard’s emigration to Argentina in the 1930s due to the Spanish civil war, and — years later — his son’s immigration to present-day Spain. 

The television series addresses serious social issues such as emigration and the struggles of an economic crisis, something that Argentines are well-acquainted with to this day.

Emotive and profound, Vientos de agua will resonate with so-called expats’ through its exploration of what happens when a person uproots and emigrates, the struggles that follow, and beautifully explores the complexities of life. 

Watch the Vientos de agua trailer:

Stream Vientos de agua on Netflix.

Monzón: A Knockout Blow (2018) 

Monzón: A Knockout Blow dramatizes the case of Carlos Monzón, an Argentine heavy-weight champion, who killed his wife, Alicia Muñiz, while on a family vacation in the Argentine beach town of Mar del Plata. 

The drama is especially interesting because of the dual timelines. We not only follow Monzón’s present life after the case but we also learn about his tumultuous background and humble beginning.

The show depicts his difficult life from his time training to his obsession with his future wife. 

With an excellent cast, this captivating biographical drama is certainly one to add to the Netflix cue.

Watch Monzón: A Knockout Blow on Netflix.

Apache: La Vida de Carlos Tevez – Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez (2019) 

Apache: La Vida de Carlos Tevez is based on the true story of professional soccer star (footballer for the Brits), Carlos Tevez.  

This fascinating mini-series portrays the reality of growing up alongside the challenges of life in Argentina. 

Tevez comes from Fuerte Apache, one of Buenos Aires’s most dangerous, drug fueled neighborhoods. Despite these setbacks, he rose to stardom as one of Argentina’s greatest athletes. 

It is interesting to compare his story to that of Monzón and watch the two documentaries in conjunction. Both athletes had similar backgrounds growing up. While Tevez did well despite his humble beginnings, Monzón struggled with the fame and ended up in the spotlight for some of the wrong reasons.

Inspiring and heart-warming, this show is not just for soccer fans.

Watch the trailer on Youtube:


Stream Apache: La Vida de Carlos Tevez on Netflix.


CARMEL: ¿Quién Mató a María Marta? – CARMEL: Who Killed María Marta? (2020) 

The Netflix original CARMEL: ¿Quién mató a María Marta? is about the death of María Marta García Belsunc, one of the most relevant and controversial police cases in Argentina. 

Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce was a sociologist and charity worker, found dead by her husband in their home on 27th October 2002. They lived in a toney gated community, Carmel, located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

The documentary mini-series contains interviews with the family members and close friends of Maria Marta, and actual footage of the court proceedings. 

It will keep viewers roused right until the end. Perfect for those into ‘whodunit’ series.

Watch CARMEL: ¿Quién mató a María Marta? on Netflix.

Nisman: El fiscal, la presidenta y el espía – Nisman: The Prosecutor, the President and the Spy (2019) 

Another one for lovers of solving crime, this six-episode documentary series is about the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman.

Nisman was a well-known Argentine prosecutor who was investigating the devastating 1994 terror attack on the AMIA (Argentine Jewish Aid Society).

Nisman was suspiciously found dead in his apartment the day before he was due to testify in the year-long investigation against the Argentine president at the time, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and other government officials for their alleged roles in conspiring with Iran to cover up the crime.

The documentary includes interviews with leading figures, including the current President Alberto Fernández. They discuss who might have been behind Nisman’s death and how the case sparked international controversy.

Watch the trailer on Youtube:


Stream Nisman: El fiscal, la presidenta y el espía on Netflix.

Rompan Todo: La Historia del Rock en América Latina – Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America (2020) 

Rompan Todo is a stylish, informative series featuring some great Argentine rock bands, such as Soda Stereo, Los Violadores and Virus, that played a part in shaping the Argentine rock genre known as ‘Roc Nacional‘.  

The docuseries is broken into six episodes. Each episode pays tribute to different figures among the biggest names in Latin American rock while reflecting on the cultural trends and political movements that were happening at that time. 

It’s thoroughly enjoyable to watch, wholly informative and it goes without saying that the series has a phenomenal soundtrack.  

Watch Rompan Todo on Netflix.

The list doesn’t stop there – it’s worth mentioning that some other top Argentine things to watch are A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story, Un Cuento Chino, Okupas, and Pizza, Birra, Faso.

The best Argentine movies and television shows to watch on Amazon and Netflix

—Tilly Dale

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