Néstor Kirchner’s Death: Crowds of People Wait to View the Casket

Throngs of people lined up on Buenos Aires’ Avenida de Mayo following the death of ex-Argentine president and first gentleman, Néstor Kirchner on Wednesday, October 27.

Here, the crowds, who waited up to six hours to enter the Casa Rosada to view the casket, sing ‘Viva Perón,’ recalling the death Argentina’s most famous president, Juan Domingo Perón.

Kirchner, who was only 60 years old, was a member of the Peronist party. He was expected to run — and most likely win — next year’s presidential election. His death leaves his current wife, sitting Argentine president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a widow.

See this article for some historical context on the phenomenon known as the Argentine Caudillo: Néstor Kirchner and the Argentine Caudillo

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