Calchaquies Valleys Tour Roadtrip: Salta Scenery Off the Beaten Path

Calchaquis Valley -- La Vuelta de los Valles driving tour with picture of the red rocks of this area of Salta, Argentina

The Calchaquies Valley is captivating and there’s no better way to explore this area than to embark on the ‘La Vuelta de los Valles’ driving tour.
Renting a car allows you the freedom to set your own pace as you journey from Salta to Cafayate, and onward to the charming town of Cachi.

Along the way are remarkable rock formations and the charming culture of Salta’s amidst its picturesque landscapes.

Cafayate Dining, Travel & Festival Info

Cafayate with its mild, dry climate, abundance of local vineyards, colonial charm and laid-back pace is an ideal place to stay to explore the surrounding Calchaquíes valleys, a highlight to …

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Accommodation in Cafayate

There are plenty attractive places to stay overnight in Cafayate, with a range of prices to accommodate all budgets. On the weekends and during festivals it is recommended to reserve …

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Accommodation in Cachi

Not too many visitors spend much time in Cachi but there is a nice range of accommodation here and it can be very quiet and peaceful place to stay overnight. …

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Cachi Dining and Travel Info

Most travelers roll through Cachi on a scenic drive such as La Vuelta a Los Valles. The 5,000-person town at the foot of Mount Cachi it is a pleasant place …

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