Iguazú Falls: Where to Stay?

Iguazu Falls: where to stay?

Visitors to Iguazu Falls are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a good hotel or hostel. Because Iguazu Falls is shared between Argentina and Brazil, the first choice …

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Getting Around Puerto Iguazú

Transportaion around Iguazu Falls (text over picture of Iguazu Falls)

Getting around Puerto Iguazu is pretty straightforward. Since this small Argentinian town is the service area for Iguazu Falls National Park, the transportation infrastructure for travelers is well-established. It’s pretty …

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Iguazú Falls: The Fury of Nature

Iguazu Trail Guide (text over picture of footbridge)

Iguazu Falls in the North of Argentina is a chance to witness nature’s grandeur and fury up close. The largest waterfall in the Americas spans over 2.7 kilometers of the …

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Punta del Este: Glamor by the Sea

Punta del Este is for vacationing Argentinians what the Hamptons are to crazed Manhattanites. The normally crowded streets of Buenos Aires empty out during the summer months of December through …

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