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¿De Donde Sos?

Something foreigners are asked all the time in Argentina is where they are from. In this video we get asked the same in San Telmo.

Eco Fashion in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is not known for being a fashion hotspot outside of Latin America, but thanks to the efforts of some local clothing designers, the city is emerging in the ‘Eco-fashion’ industry.

El Afronte Orchestra performing  ‘Tarde’

One of Buenos Aires’ leading tango orchestra’s plays live every Sunday in the San Telmo Fair.

World Cup Fever

Revelers in the street after the Argentine team lost to the Germans in the 2010 World Cup

Gay Pride Parade 2010

Things got wild at the 2010 Gay Pride Parade where marchers were celebrating the then recent passing of legislation legalizing gay marriage.

Irish Step Dance Troupe, Celtic Argentina

Celtic Argentina, an Irish step dance troupe for youths, performs at Buenos Aires’ Fahy Club.


Raw Video:

Nestór Kirchner’s Death

Crowds chant while waiting to enter the Casa Rosada to view the casket of former Argentine president and then sitting First Gentleman, Nestór Kirchner.

Ping Pong in the Plaza

Ping Pong on the corner of Peru and Independencia every Saturday. Bring empanadas, cigarettes or soda — we’re sure ‘the king of ping pong’ will let you join in!

Tango Week

Every year tango dancers of all levels come out to practice their moves at Buenos Aires Tango Week in the Harrod’s building

Graffiti on the Streets of San Telmo

Graffiti artists paint the walls of San Telmo in broad daylight. In Buenos Aires graffiti artists are at relative liberty to express themselves, and it’s hard to find an unpainted wall in the Argentine capital.

Laws against graffiti are virtually non-existent here. The current Mayor, Mauricio Macri is not a graffiti fan, but so far no efforts to squelch street artists have been undertaken.What do you think? Vandalism or art? Let us know what you think on our youtube or facebook.