Subte: The Buenos Aires Subway

Part of the daily grind for residents, visitors will find the Buenos Aires subte provides fluorescent-hued flickerings of insight into the lives of porteños of all incomes. In among tired …

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Nightlife Safety for Women

Nightlife for Women in Buenos Aires It’s no wonder that Buenos Aires vies with Rio de Janeiro for the title of ‘Party capital of Latin America.’ In Buenos Aires clubs …

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Where to Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Spanish schools in Buenos Aires with students smiling

Argentina is a great place to study Spanish. It’s a vast, beautiful country packed with culture, and the local twist on Spanish, Castellano makes it even cooler. While most Argentines …

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Ten Tips for Hitchhiking in Argentina

Hitchhiking is legal throughout Argentina and is making a comeback among young backpackers. In more remote areas some locals hitchhike everyday, as it is the only mode of ‘public’ transport …

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Safety for Women Travelers in Argentina

Mural of woman: Argentina womens travel safety

My body, my choice, graffiti in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Women in Argentina deal with street harassment and sexual assault but also broken sidewalks. Read on to learn what women should watch out for when visiting Buenos Aires.

Money Exchange & Other Hustles on Florida Street

Money Exchange & Other Hustles in Buenos Aires

On Florida Street, downtown Buenos Aires’ pedestrian mall, near the corner of LaValle, it’s inevitable to come across some shady-looking characters yelling out, ‘cambio, cambio!’ These ‘unofficial’ (read: illegal) money …

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The Buses of Buenos Aires

The buses of Buenos Aires are like old men in a bar – loud, smoky, rough around the edges, but dependably, they always show up – usually sooner rather than …

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