Mundo Bizarro — Buenos Aires’ Rockabilly Hang-Out

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If you’re a rockabilly who has found yourself in Buenos Aires you’ll want to head to Palermo bar, Mundo Bizzaro. Since 1997 Mundo Bizarro has been Palermo Viejo’s one and only effortlessly cool rockabilly bar. It’s also renowned for its excellent martinis and cosmopolitans. The two best things about this bar are the music — we heard everything from psychobilly to trip hop — and the cool, low-lit ambiance featuring constantly changing original art, comfy booths, air-conditioning and an international crowd.

THe bar at Palermo Viejo's Mundo Bizarro bar
Courtesy, Mundo Bizarro

Mundo Bizarro is essentially a place to grab a drink with friends, but there is Americana food is on the menu – the hamburgers and shish kabab aren’t bad, if a little pricey. I

f you’re adventurous, on Monday nights they have good deals on sushi. The table service can come with a serving of attitude but they seem to warm up as the night goes on or after repeated visits. Best to check it out during the early evening on weekdays when it has a more neighborhood feel. Be forewarned: people seem to love or hate this place.

Mundo Bizarro –$$/$$$
Serrano 1222
Palermo Viejo
Tel: 4773-1967

• Hours: 12 pm—4 am or so

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