Soul Café — A Foxy Spot in Las Canitas

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The soulful, the hip, the foxy will fit right in at Soul Café, owned by Argentine rocker, Fabián Vön Quintiero (or El Zorrito, the keyboardist for famed Argentine rocker, Charly Garcia).

Retro Vibe & Cocktails

This is a nice place to go for excellent pre-club drinks with a chill retro 70’s vibe and perfect cocktail tunes, although you may want to take a pass on the food (aside from the snacks and desserts — try the ‘James Brownie,’ named after the Godfather of Soul).

The vibe and the music are muy cool —there’s even air-conditioning — but the service leaves something to be desired, especially when the place is packed.

If you’re lucky, or a regular at this place, you may spot some celebrities or catch an impromptu concert by Quintiero himself.

Soul Café –$$/$$$
Baez 246
Las Canitas
Tel: 4778-3115

• Hours: 8 pm – 4 am or so, closed Mondays
• Major credit cards excepted

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