Non-Invasive Beauty Treatments in Buenos Aires

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photo:Sergio Savarese

Argentina is a popular destination all types of beauty procedures, not just plastic surgery, and for good reason. A treatment that in other countries would go for hundreds of Euros or dollars costs a lot less in Argentina.

Nonetheless, the level of doctor training and technology rivals that of any northern country.

Those visiting Argentina who have skin problems such as Rosacea, spider veins or dark spots but never received any treatment at home because of prohibitive costs may want to consider a cosmetic visit once they see the affordable prices for these treatments in Buenos Aires. It’s also a good place to get laser hair removal and other simple procedures (even dentistry) at a low cost.

Beauty Treatments in Palermo

Silvana Dato, a doctor who practices aesthetic medicine in Las Cañitas, estimates that around 80% of Porteños from the wealthier northern neighborhoods such as Palermo and Belgrano of the city regularly receive some kind of aesthetic treatment such as laser hair removal, micro-dermoabrasion or Botox. In her office a wide range of treatments are available so that the doctor can design a course of treatments specific to each patient’s needs.

Popular treatments include laser hair removal, radio frequency to stimulate collagen production and revive the skin and mesotherapy, a treatment of tiny injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic compounds to ‘kill’ fat cells and improve the appearance of the epidermis. Mesotherapy has long been used in Europe and South America but is considered controversial in the U.S.

The number one requested treatment here is laser hair removal, especially among male clients. In spite of the fact that the term ‘metrosexual’ has only recently been coined in Argentina, urban Argentine men aren’t adverse to pampering themselves, or at least getting some hair removed from their backs.

The best advertisement for Dr. Silvana Dato’s services is the doctor herself. The saucy 53 year-old says she’s never had any invasive beauty treatment such as plastic surgery. As a result, she is the personification of the concept of aging gracefully — she at once looks her age and remains gorgeous. Dato herself is shy about speaking English but her friendly staff includes young English speakers who can help translate. A bonus are the line of skincare products including a non-greasy sunblock that the doctor makes up herself.

Dr. Silvana Dato
Avenida Luis María Campos 559
Las Cañitas, Palermo
Tel: 4774-7279

Belgrano Non-invasive Beauty Treatments

Anti-aging, rejuvenative and longevity medicine specialist, Adrian Jaime may offer some treatments that seem unorthodox to those unfamiliar but he’s board certified and recommended by Argentina’s glossy fashion magazines. Among the treatments he offers are ‘Laser Beauty Shock’ and Thermage, ‘cellular skin cocktails’ that make frown and furrow lines less noticeable. Cellular Regeneration is a treatment program claimed to make clients feel and look ten years younger. It combines diet, exercise and natural extracts with pro-vitamin components, said to stimulate the immune system.

Medical Center of Skincare and Anti-aging
Dr. Adrian Jaime
Pampa 2802 – Piso 1 B
Tel.: 4786-3018

San Telmo Salon

In the southern side of the city, at the edges of the San Telmo sits the low-key office of XY Alma Laser. Here the latest laser technology is used for painless hair removal, their most popular treatment. Several sessions are required to permanently remove pesky unwanted hairs, especially for those with course, dark hair.  Various promotions are on offer for a complete course of laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hairs for good. For those concerned with hair loss there’s a treatment for that too.

Those fighting the effects of aging on the body, changes from pregnancy or hardcore couch potatoes who want to pass on exercise can receive ten sessions of muscular electro-stimulation on the thighs and stomach. They also offer facials with microdermabasion to deep clean all the grime of the city. XY Alma is located on a block of San Telmo that may be startling to those new to the city (it sits across from a soup kitchen), but once you step inside the low lights and herbal infusions are meant to give visitors a ‘day spa’ experience.

XY Alma Laser
México 637
San Telmo


* This is NOT a sponsored post — this article was published because we have just been asked about by our guests about beauty treatments in Buenos Aires.

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