Pitch and Putt — Golf Practice in Palermo

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costa salguero golf course in buenos aires

Editor update: Unfortunately the Pitch & Putt closed in 2022

If you’re a beginner at golf, have the family in tow or you’re a golf addict on vacation who needs a fix, the Costa Salguero Golf Center and Pitch ‘n’ Putt in Palermo can be a lot of fun.

With the various facilities available, it’s not hard to spend a whole morning or afternoon enjoying the different activities, but be forewarned: the cost does tend to add up.

You could start by hitting 50 balls on the driving range, then work on your putting on the practice green, and finish by playing a round of 9 holes on the little Pitch and Putt course.

To make it more interesting, why not play a game of Skins?

Whoever wins the hole outright gets one point, but if there’s no clear winner, the point carries over to the next hole.

This can be fun if you have players of different levels, since everyone has a chance to win.

While at the driving range, you can check out the pro shop, get a golf lesson or go hang out at the bar and chat about golf.

Serious golfer may also want to check out the Campo de Golf, Buenos Aires’ 18-hole public golf course.

Costa Salguero Driving Range and Pitch ‘n’ Putt-$$
(Costanera y Jerónimo Salguero)
Tel: 4805-4732/4

• Hours:
Mondays; 12 am- 9:30
Tuesdays—Fridays: 8:30 am – 9:30pm
Weekends: 8 am-8:30pm

• Credit cards accepted

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