Porteño Corner: Ricardo Aristides Guerrero

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Ricardo Aristides Guerrero in his tobacco store on Ave. de Mayo in Buenos Aires

Ricardo Aristides Guerrero
Owner, Casa Pintos Tobacco Shop
Avenida de Mayo 738, downtown

Q: How many years have you been here?

I’ve been here 50 years, since 1960 although we were in a larger location next door until 29 years ago.

• How old are you?

85 years young

• Do you smoke?

Yes, but not much. I smoke about five cigarettes per day.

• What kind of changes have you seen here on Avenida de Mayo in the last 50 years?

Oh, Buenos Aires has changed a lot. It was better before. The streets were better, the people were happier. Now there are a lot of social and political problems.

• Has the Buenos Aires smoking ban in public places affected your business?

Humans are contradictory. Now that it is banned, more people smoke!

• What is the best cigar?

The Cuban, the Cohiba. They cost AR$125 each so I don’t sell them much.

• What is your soccer team?

The best team: San Lorenzo.

• Anything else you’d like to say?

Us short guys don’t like it when a woman wears high heels because they forget about us petisos (little guys!)

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