Radio Taxi Companies in Buenos Aires

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A graphic of a Buenos Aires taxiIt can happen so easily in Buenos Aires — you need to call a taxi but have no numbers handy. You look in the phone book and the numbers listed are out of order or just plain old not answering the phone, you need to get to the airport and time is running out.

When you need a taxi you need a taxi — even if it’s a Sunday and all the taxi drivers are watching the big fútbol game! So we started to collect cards of some good taxi companies when we enjoyed a pleasant ride and are listing them here, for those times when you’re caught in the rain without an umbrella, need to rush to the airport or are on a bad date and need a getaway car.


If you need a ride to or from the airport/s check out Wander Argentina’s Airport Transfer Service.

Onda Verde

This is one of the big companies, you can even call a car through their website.

Radio Taxi Siglo
This company also services the suburbs of Buenos Aires

New Taxi
Nextel: 190*2523

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