Tigre Attractions & Things to Do

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Tranquil, quaint and slow-paced, Buenos Aires’ favorite day-trip destination Tigre pulls in 80,000 tourists every weekend. Here are the main attractions in the town of Tigre:

Tigre Town Main Attractions

The Puerto de frutos (Fruit Port) is a large riverside market and attracts DIY fanatics from afar for its mix of handcrafted furniture, candlesticks and flowerpots.

Tourists looking for souvenirs rather than the local specialties cane, wicker and reed furniture can also purchase smaller artisan trinkets. The market is open all week, but there are more goods available on the weekend.

Anyone who’s been captivated by yerba mate, national obsession and hot herby drink that Argentines love so much they carry it around with them, should take a tour of the charming El Museo del Mate (Mate Museum).

Guided tours offer insight into the history of the drink, reveal important artifacts like the smallest mate in the world and finish with a taste of the green stuff.

As the museum proudly boasts, it is the only mate museum in the world and therefore an experience not to be replicated. Anyone who wants to try mate without learning everything about its history can skip the tour and head straight to the café.

Exterior of the Art museum of Tigre

Tigre’s art museum, Museo de Arte Tigre is housed in a magnificent Italian-French style mansion and is a pleasant stroll from town along the picturesque walking route Paseo Victoria.

Worth a trip just to marvel at the building, the resplendent rooms of this two-floored museum were previously used as a club for dancing, gambling and other upper-class amusements.

The museum showcases 19th and 20th century Argentine figurative art and rotating exhibitions of more modern pieces.

The naval museum – El Museo Naval de la Nacion (National Naval Museum) holds a collection of objects related to Argentine Maritime history, as well as maritime history in general.

Exhibits include model boats and arms. Not to be missed for Naval buffs but one to avoid if war ships don´t float your boat.

The Museo de la Reconquista has a well-maintained collection of objects related to the history of Tigre and Argentina, particularly related to their struggle for independence.

It is located in a small white house opposite the spot where the military man Santiago de Liniers embarked to go conquer Buenos Aires from the English in 1806.

The museum has five exhibition rooms plus a well-stocked library.

Trilenium Casino in Tigre Buenos Aires

For a few thrills after soaking in Tigre’s history the Parque de la Costa is a theme park located close to the Puerto de Frutos.

It´s not as modern and shiny as Disneyland, but has roller coasters, a Ferris wheel and water rides.

Bring a change of clothes for the latter, and expect to wait in lines for the rides on weekends and holidays.

Aguafan Water Park

Aquafan is one of the largest and most modern water parks in South America.

Created in 2015 by the same owners of Parque de la Costa.

This water park complex consists of three hectares and is right next to Parque de la Costa. The water park has large slides and pools ideal for summer days.

There is a beach area by a large pool with artificial waves, the largest in Argentina. Another of its main attractions is the 32-meter high waterslide called ‘El Abismo‘ (The Abyss). It takes visitors down at an adrenaline-inducing speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

Aguafan has 10 additional waterslides, a heated pool, Jacuzzi and live family-friendly entertainment. There is a large contained playground for little tots, four solariums and various gastronomic areas with the usual theme park offerings.

Tigre Casino

Next to theme parks, gambling junkies can enjoy the three-floored Trilenium Casino, where it is easy to while away hours on slot machines and card games.

Non-gamblers can occupy themselves at the theatre or one of the seven restaurants.

To explore Tigre on two wheels, hire a bicycle from one of the companies near the train station and head along the Paseo Victoria, which is signposted from town.

• Puerto de Frutos
Sarmiento 100,
Tel: 4512 4493
Hours: Every day — 10 a.m.-7p.m.

Sign for the mate museum in Tigre, Buenos Aires

• El Museo del Mate
Lavalle 289, 4506 9594,
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday and holidays. 11am-6pm (autumn/winter) 11am-7pm (spring/summer).
• Guided tours for groups on Tuesdays

• Museo de Arte Tigre
Paseo Victoria 972,
Tel: 4512 4528,
Hours: Wed-Fri 9a.m.-7p.m., Sat & Sun 12noon -7p.m.

•El Museo Naval de la Nación
Paseo Victoria 602
Tel:  4749 0608
Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-5pm, Sat and Sun 10.30-6.30pm
• Guided tours in the afternoons

Museo de la Reconquista
Avenida Liniers 818, 4512 4496
Hours: Weds-Sun 10-6.30pm.

• Parque de la Costa
Vivanco 1509
Tel: 4002 6000,
Hours: Fridays-Sundays and holidays. 11am-8pm

• Trilenium Casino
Peru 1385
Tel: 4731 7001,
Hours: Mon-Weds 11a.m.-6p.m.
Thurs-Sun open 24 hours

Tigre Tourist office
Juncal 1600
Tel: 4512-4497 / 0800 888 84473

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