Amerika Disco: Buenos Aires’ Largest LGBT Nightclub

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Buenos Aires’ most popular gay club, Amerika has three floors of music and room for 1,800 people meaning here there is something for everyone — gay or straight.

The roots of the Amerika gay club scene harkens back to the days of Argentina’s repressive military government when it was still taboo –and even dangerous– to be gay in Buenos Aires.

At that time, the privacy of the clients was the name of the game. By the time Amerika debuted as Buenos Aires’ largest gay club in 2000, things had started to change and the owners of this mega club were only to happy lead the charge.

Originally frequented mostly by gay guys, Amerika now has a reputation of being a definitively hetero-friendly club, where anyone queer or straight is welcome to let their freak flag fly.

Although not as popular with foreigners as many of the city’s other large clubs, here you’ll find a congenial straight-gay mix with loads of glam boys eager to strut their stuff, a smattering of lipstick lesbians and hetero kids eager to get in on all the dance floor fun.

Straight girls love this place because they can dance without being constantly harangued by the sometimes-relentless ‘machos’ of Buenos Aires.

Secure straight guys swear this is one of the best places to pick up girls because the atmosphere is relaxed and the odds are in their favor.

On three dance floors, each with their own name and vibe: Caribbean, Continental and Crystal. You’ll hear techno, house, cumbia, and dance hits including an abundance of Lady Gaga among a varied crowd that isn’t afraid to let it all hang out.

Those 18 years old and up are permitted entrance but the crowd tends to be 21 and over — sometimes way over.

Amerika has opened and closed a few times through the years for permit violations, and some gripe that the vibe changed when they started with a canilla libre (all-you-can-drink) policy a few years back, but its still a great destination to dance all night among the smoke machines and bubbles.

By 2008, Amerka was chosen as the ‘best bowling alley ‘boliche’ (club) in the city of Buenos Aires, through an annual survey carried out by the Supplement Si! by Clarín newspaper.

These days the entrance tends to be a little pricey for many young locals unless they can drink their weight in alcohol.

The cover charge gets you free drinks all night — if you can manage to weasel your way past the thirsty and sweaty crowds to actually reach the bar.

Gascon 1040/corner Cordoba
Tel: 4865-4416

• Hours: Thurs—Sundays from 12 am
•Entrance free for birthday boys and girls

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