Buenos Aires Dance Club

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Buenos Aires Dance Club is a large dance school downtown on the pedestrian-only Florida Street that offers classes every afternoon until evening Monday through Saturday.

The best deal to check out the school is Saturday afternoons when they offer three beginner classes in three different dance genres. The first class is choreographic of any style, the second Caribbean dances such as salsa, meringue or reggaeton and the third is ‘American’ — generally rock and roll, jazz or hip hop. The school has also recently added Zumba classes.

You can come with a friend or by yourself – partners are rotated throughout the class, so you’ll never be left out.
Dance troupe from the Buenos Aires Dance Club

The classes are open to all ages and abilities, with five levels of classes. The experienced teachers are fun-loving and helpfully count out the rhythms so that you don’t get (too) lost.

Classes are informal but they fill up quickly – if you don’t speak fluent Argentine Spanish you’ll want to get there early to have a place in the front of the studio to follow along.

You can drop in for a class for AR$40, or sign up for the week or month.

Buenos Aires Dance Club
Florida 732,
5th floor
Tel: 4328-5180