Casa Calma: Buenos Aires First ‘Eco Hotel’

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Green travelers in Buenos Aires who enjoy comfort are the target market for Casa Calma in downtown Buenos Aires, which is billed as Argentina’s first zero contamination hotel.

Plant-lined walls act as air filters, refuse is recycled with the help of a local co-operative and cooking oil is sent to be reused as fuel.

Minimalist Rooms & Amenities

Guests can borrow bamboo bicycles to explore the city and take advantage of an open ‘honesty bar’ stocked with food which guests are trusted to put on their tab.

Nicely furnished, someone minimalist rooms offer spectacular city views, comfy double beds and a flat-screen TV with a DVD player.

Other amenities include a restaurant and bar set alongside a garden, a spa, jacuzzi, and an English-speaking concierge available 24 hours a day.

This is one of the of the few Buenos Aires’ hotels that regularly has reviews that include the words ‘amazing’ and ‘fantastic’.

The rates offered online are better than those booking through the hotel itself.

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The library at Casa Calma Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casa Calma
Suipacha 1015

Buenos Aires