Friends Restaurant: Bariloche’s 24-Hour Eatery

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Friends in downtown Bariloche is a festive eatery that serves up decent, if slightly greasy, Argentine food.

Opened in 1986, this diner in downtown Bariloche is a staple for a quick drink or meal after skiing at Cerro Cathedral.

On the Menu

Here you’ll find the classic bar and grill fare — pasta, pizza, hamburgers and some eastern European dishes such as goulash and spatzle at reasonable prices.

The thick-crust pizza is a filling diversion from the normal Argentine thin-crusted pie. They also have cocktails, wine and the local Patagonia beer on draft.

Kind of like this, but not really -photo, Jan Klaver

This is the first place to go in Bariloche with kids — not just because of the visuals but because of the basic, kid-friendly menu.

Americana in Bariloche

Friends has a bright and cheery atmosphere with random ‘Americana’ antique ornaments and curiosities hanging from the ceiling.

Although Friends seems a bit gimmicky and gets a mention in every guidebook, locals go here too — especially when they are in search of a meal in the middle of the night.

The service here is hit-and-miss. The waitstaff have offended someone sufficiently enough to prompt them to open a Facebook group calling for a boycott of the eatery.

Friends shouldn’t be blacklisted though, since it’s one of the few places in Bariloche to have a meal after the bars close and other odd hours.

Friends Restaurant
Mitre 302
Downtown Bariloche
Tel: (02944) 423 700

• Closes late