Gibraltar: Buenos Aires’ Original British Pub

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In San Telmo a thirst for home is quenched at Gibraltar Pub.

The reigning champion for Buenos Aires’ most authentic British pub, it’s a gathering place for travelers, foreign settlers and neighborhood regulars.

Here you’ll find good booze, decent music at a reasonable volume, an interesting mix of characters, and a few different environments to mingle.

Lounge around a booth in the front to watch European league football or the occasional NBA game, hook your bag under the sturdy bar to settle at the bar or pass by the open kitchen to on your way to hang out on the back area and patio.

A picture of the bartender and patrons at GIbraltar pub in San Telmo Buenos Aires.

Food: Fish & Chips & Curries

A number of places to get good beer have cropped up in Buenos Aires since Gibraltar opened in 1999, but it remains San Telmo’s go-to spot to find a decent shot of imported whiskey, pint of IPA, Gambrinus stout, Antares Scotch or cider on tap.

The pub fare – as long you stick to the Indian or Thai curries, fish and chips and burgers — is fresh and tasty.

A frequent 2X1 offer on curries at lunchtime, makes this an inviting spot to invite someone for a casual lunch.

A picture of the beers on tap at Gibraltar British pub in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

On the weekends they offer (on and off) a traditional English breakfast of eggs, sausage, baked beans and toast until 5 p.m.

Note that food orders are taken by the staff at the bar.

Games on TV & Pool

If you’re around San Telmo and looking to catch a football/soccer, basketball or rugby game on the tube, Gibraltar is one of your best bets in this part of town.

Elated world cup fans in buenos aires react to a goal in overtime

You can also join in on a game of pool, just put your name on the chalkboard and dodge pool sticks while you wait.

It can be a crowded on Friday and Saturday nights after 10 p.m.

In fair weather sometimes a line forms outside, much to the annoyance of regulars. It pays to get there early, as the Happy Hour 2X1 pints last until 10 p.m.

On weekends, neighborhood habitués often come in the afternoon and either settle in at a table in the back or move on before it fills up with young Argentines on a mission to snog foreigners.

Gibraltar – $$
Peru 895
San Telmo
Tel: 4362-5310

•Hours: 12 p.m.— 4 a.m. everyday
•Happy Hour: 12p.m —10 p.m.
•Kitchen closes around 1:30 a.m.