Tanguero Hotel — Elegance Beyond the Usual Clichés

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The exterior of the Tanguero Hotel Buenos AiresThe Tanguero Hotel in downtown Buenos Aires manages to avoid the gaudiness and accentuate the elegance associated with that most ubiquitous Buenos Aires’ pastime — tango.

All the usual references do appear in this boutique hotel – the tango hat, black and white checkered floors and the images of the most famous tango singer of them all, Carlos Gardel but Tanguero shows admirable restraint by keeping the atmosphere tasteful.

The goal here is to transport guests back in time to the glory days of the passionate dance, and indeed Buenos Aires itself, by recreating the feel of a contemporary establishment rather than hurling out as many clichés as possible, as is the approach used by many tacky tango restaurants and cafés in the city.

The refined mood is further achieved by keeping the guest rooms themselves simple and comfortable. The lobby and other areas of the hotel are decorated with tango memorabilia, but the rooms are designed with coziness and practicality in mind.

Antique mirrors, lampshades and telephones are complemented by other classic furniture such as elegant but comfy beds, old-fashioned writing desks and the kinds of sofas and chairs you’d find at grandma’s house. Black and white photo portraits on the walls and marble bathroom settings complete the scene.

No doubt that after some late-night dancing some guests have spent the first dreamy seconds after waking bewildered, wondering exactly where they are — and in which century. Once they notice the digital safe, high-definition TV, and ADSL internet hook up, they will either be gratefully reassured about their historical whereabouts, or doubly confused.

The bar in the Tanguero Hotel, Buenos Aires

With a small number of rooms — 21 in total including nine suites, the focus is on making sure guests receive as much pampering as possible. The hotel offers a spa with hot tub, gym, sauna and Scottish shower, business center, masseuse, personal trainer and a currency exchange facility. The tango theme is always going to be one of the main reasons guests choose this boutique hotel over others and this fact has not been lost on the managers.

There is a permanent museum style exhibition of authentic tango artifacts, as well as a gallery of historical pictures. Tango lessons are also offered on site, and bookings to some of the city’s best tango shows can be made at reception. A comfortable suite in the Tanguero HotelNot only that, the whole bar area is a re-creation of a traditional Buenos Aires tango bar and hotel staff get in on the act by dressing and acting with suitable classical charm.

Room rates, which include an American breakfast, are reasonable by boutique standards.

If you’ve come to Buenos Aires in search of tango, Hotel Tanguero might be the perfect place to hang your hat while you dance your way through town.

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