Los Antiguos: Accommodation and Travel Info

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Accommodation in Los Antiguos

Lodging in Los Antiguos is not hard to come by although it is advisable to book ahead around the summer festivals.

Prices are reasonable but tend to fluctuate depending on the season.

Hotel Refugio de Rocas is the highest-end option boasting a spa and fruit farm.
Tel: (54)(297)-15-401-0787

A number of hostels such as Sol de Mayo cater to budget travelers with dormitory beds in a basic room.
Tel: (54)(2963)-491-232

For those looking to convene with nature or on an ultra shoestring budget, Municipal Camping offers lakeside pitches for a very reasonable amount.


Viva el Viento is perhaps Los Antiguos busiest restaurant, offering pastas, sandwiches and salads as well as barbecued beef, chicken and the local favorite, grilled Patagonian lamb.
Tel: (54)(2963)-491-109

There are plenty of pizza parlors and steak houses along the main road too. Be sure to try the local variety of an empanada, minced meat or vegetables wrapped in pastry and baked until golden.

Getting To Los Antiguos

Several bus companies go to Los Antiguos from Perito Moreno, 57 kilometers away. Several times a week there is a bus that makes the six-hour bus trip from Comodoro Rivadavia. Alternately, you can arrive by commercial airline to Santa Cruz’s capital, Rio Gallegos and rent a car or take a 16-hour bus ride.

-By ferry from Chile:

El Pichero runs a car ferry from Puerto Ibañez to Chile Chico, eight kilometers across the border from Los Antiguos
Tel: 56-67-411864 (in Chile)

In-town Transport

It is possible to walk anywhere in the Los Antiguos within fifteen minutes or so, although there are plenty of taxis for those burdened with fresh fruit products. The tourist office and the majority of the restaurants cluster around the main street, 11 de Julio.

Tourist Office & Activities

The useful tourist office will assist those in need and is a good starting point for those interested in excellent fishing here. Los Antiguos claims to be the only place where you can fish all year around thanks to the mild climate. There’s excellent fly-fishing in Jeinimeni River for trout and Los Antiguos River, predominately for salmon. Besides visiting the fruit farms you can also ask the tourist office about photo safaris or hiking in the nearby mountains.

What to buy

Fruit, conserves, jams, homemade liqueurs and sweets made from fresh fruit.

Chacra Don Neno – (54)(2963)-491-403

When to go

The best time to travel to Los Antigous is between October and April. During the last weekend in October is the Lake Buenos Aires festival, celebrating the discover of the lake in 1880. The event includes nautical and beach events, a biathlon, skating competitions, live music and a street fair. During the first week of January is Los Antiguos biggest event of the year, the Cherry Festival when everyone in the surrounding locales comes out to play, there is a jineteada, a type of Argentine rodeo competition and big name music acts that in the past have included groups such as Initi illimani, Vicentino, León Gieco.

Los Antiguos Tourist Office Tel:(54) (2963) 491-261