Porteño Corner: Dr. Silvana Dato

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Dr. Silvana Dato
Private Practitioner of Aesthetic Medicine
Las Cañitas (Palermo)

• Where do you live?

Across the street – best decision I ever made in my life because I work a lot!  I’m not complaining though, because it’s going good!

• How old are you?


• What is the most popular aesthetic procedure in your office?

The most popular is permanent hair removal and everything that has to do with the pulsed light laser because it’s a very versatile instrument – it can be used to remove hair, to treat acne and sun damage and for skin irregularities such as Rosacea.

The star last year though was the radio frequency, which produces tension in the skin and is used to treat flaccidity in the face.

• What is the age spectrum of your patients?

We have patients from 15 years old to 80 and beyond. The young people are usually seeking acne treatment and the older patients are often interested in radio frequency. A lot of women in their 30 to 50’s are getting corporal radio frequency treatment to take care of parts of the body that don’t look like they used to.

• What percentage of patients are women as opposed to men?

Eighty-five to 90% are women, but we aren’t particularly geared toward men. In the last year our number of male patients has increased a lot – primarily for laser hair removal and radio frequency. They’re good patients — they don’t have magical expectations like some women do.

• How many Porteños would you estimate get aesthetic treatments?

If we are talking about Belgrano, Recoleta, Barrio Norte — the wealthiest part of the city, I would say 80% or more get some sort of aesthetic treatment. If we are including basic facials and all sorts of aesthetic treatment, including Botox, I would say you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t had something done among the more well-off population.

• What are the most important things people should do to take care of their appearance?

There are some fundamentals: don’t smoke, maintain a good weight, drink a lot of liquids, eat a balanced diet, get exercise and most importantly, be careful about sun exposure. A little sun exposure is necessary for vitamin D but it’s important to be careful about what time of the day you’re getting sun, especially with the climate changes going on.  We are seeing an increase in incidents of skin cancer and more intense sun damage in younger patients.

• Does beauty come from within?

Feeling good comes from within. Being objectively beautiful on the outside does not necessarily bring satisfaction on its own. There are many people who have it backwards – they think that if you look good on the outside that you will feel good inside but really you have to have a sense of well-being on the inside and that reflects on the outside.

You also have to be realistic — if you are 60 years old and you’re trying to look like a 20-year-old… it just looks ridiculous.

• You mean like actress Moria Casán?

Yes — she looks like a transvestite!

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