Christmas in Buenos Aires and Beyond

Christmas in Buenos Aires

What is Christmas like in Buenos Aires? With fireworks, warm temperatures, calorie-laden food, and dancing until dawn, Navidad in Buenos Aires is a party that is literally not for the …

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Gauchito Gil in Buenos Aires

←continued from Gauchito Gil—Argentina’s Gaucho Saint In the bleak part of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita, in a tree-lined plaza just outside the country’s largest cemetery, a cluster of …

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Gauchito Gil: Argentina’s Cowboy Saint

Folk Saint. War hero. Outlaw deserter. Dubious myth. Antonio Mamerto Gil Núñez, better known as “Gauchito Gil” is the colorful figure who represents many things to many different people in his native Argentina. Imagine Robin Hood meets patriotic soldier meets protective Saint and you will have some idea of the many sentiments this mercurial character elicits in Argentine popular culture