Buenos Aires Carnival Information 2022: Discover the Murga Porteña

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Carnival in Buenos Aires is a grand fiesta that takes place every year throughout the month of February.

See this neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to find out where you can catch your colorful local murga, or carnival dance troupe, take to the streets.

After a break last year during the pandemic, this year Buenos Aires’ carnival will have over 100 murgas and more than two dozens parades, or corsos in different neighborhoods throughout the city.

There is typically a big central end-of-carnival party in downtown Buenos Aires on the official carnival holidays the last day in February.

A murga or dance troop on the streets of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Murgas in Carnival 2022

Some of the colorfully-named murgas who will delight onlookers with their songs and flashy Carnival moves his year include:

Resaca Murguera (Murguera Hangover)

Alucinados de Parque Patricios (Hallucinating of Parque Patricios)

Los Duendes de Caballito (the Goblins of Caballito),

Los Elegidos del Dios Momo (The Buffoonery Chosen by God),

Los Mimados de la Paternal (The Pampered of Paternal),

Los Fantoches de Villa Urquiza (the Braggarts of Villa Urquiza)

Los Verdes de Monserrat (The Perverts of Monserrat).

Carnival in Buenos Aires locations 2020 map

Neighborhood Carnival Information 2022

Times: — Every weekend of February, plus the carnival holiday weekend.

This year the festivities will not be in the usual 34 points, but will be distributed to just six different areas during the first fortnight of the month and in another six during the second.

Saturdays from 7:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.;

Sundays from 7:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m.

A big end of the Carnival season party will take place on the Carnival weekend, Avenida de Mayo starting near the Plaza de Mayo on February 28 March 6.

Due to weather forecast, the closing event of the Carnival on Avenida de Mayo is rescheduled for Sunday, March 6 starting at 4:00 p.m.

Carnival Holiday Weekend: February 28 and March 1st

First two weekends of Carnival locations

  • Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana, Palermo
  • Plaza Unidad Nacional, Lugano
  • Plaza Richieri, Devoto
  • Polideportivo Colegiales
  • Polideportivo Barracas

Second Half of February Carnival 

  • Anfiteatro de Parque Lezama 
  • Playón de San Lorenzo, Boedo
  • Parque España, Barracas
  • Plaza Irlanda, Caballito 
  • Anfiteatro de Mataderos 
  • Avenida Balbín & Ramallo,  Saavedra.

Buenos Aires Carnival Tips:

A child with a motorcycle helmet sprays foam from a can on the streets of Buenos Aires during Carnival celebrations

• Wearing easily stained garments such as silk to carnival is NOT recommended because kids run around spraying foam indiscriminately. Watch your eyes but don’t worry about street clothes as the ‘carnival snow’ generally dissolves quickly.

• Be careful with expensive cameras as well because non-local carnival visitors are big targets to be ‘foamed’ by mischievous youth.

For additional Carnival information call: 4342-8199 or see the City of Buenos Aires website Carnival Information.