Edificio Bencich and the South End of Florida St.

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Another architectural gem on the heavily photographed corner of Diagonal Norte at Florida Street is Edificio Bencich at Roque Sáenz Peña Avenue 615. It was designed by French architect, Eduardo Le Monnie and completed by the Bencich Brothers firm in 1927.

This building, with its traditional mix of French and neoclassic architecture, was much more amenable to the tastes of residents at the time than the La Equitativa del Plata building across the street.

It features two five-story top domes that give spectacular views of Diagonal Norte to the lucky people that work there. The façade features sandstone moldings and wrap-around balconies on the second and ninth floor.

On the opposite side of the street sits another unmistakably signature Le Monnie building, the complimentary, Edificio Miguel Bencich constructed at the same time and designed to elegantly encase Diagonal Norte.

Florida Street ends at Rivadavia, one block further south and changes into Perú Street. It remains pedestrian until reaching Diagonal Sur in the historic Monserrat neighborhood, a couple of blocks further south.

On the final block of the pedestrian mall is the 1931 neoclassic-style Palacio Legislativo (Legislature Palace), with its tall clock tower.

There you’ll often find a gaggle of journalists hanging out in anticipation of breaking news. From here you can go on to explore the Monserrat and San Telmo neighborhoods.

Edificio Bencich Brothers
Diagonal Roque Sáenz Peña 615

City Legislature Palace
Perú 130

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