Is There a Buenos Aires Pub Crawl?

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Buenos Aires is one of the world’s great party cities, so a pub crawl would be fitting for visitors to get pointed to the right neighborhoods to explore the bonkers nightlife.

2024 Update:

The original Buenos Aires Pub Crawl founded in 2008 was so legendary there are still traces on the internet, but it is no longer in operation.

The creators Roger Trueba and Dustin Luke have moved on to bigger and better things (Dustin Luke, became a Youtuber and TV personality known for his excellent grasp of the Argentine slang, lunfardo).

Anyway, taking a bunch of young people — some who aren’t even old enough to drink in their respective countries — on a bohemian death march through the streets on Buenos Aires was a slightly risky venture.

Luckily if there is one thing that is easy to do in Argentina, it’s party.
Read on to find similar fun and social food and drink events taking place every week in Buenos Aires hot spots such as Palermo and San Telmo.

Original Buenos Aires Pub Crawl
The original Buenos Aires Pub Crawl started it all. Circa 2010

Beware that there is a copy-cat of the original ‘BA pub crawl’ or similarly named activity on the internet, but it’s got nothing but bad reviews.

Instead here are some excellent PUB CRAWL-LIKE ACTIVITIES for libation lovers that take place seven nights a week

Also check our general Buenos Aires tours and activities page if you’re looking for a complete roundup of Buenos Aires tours.

Argentine Beer Tasting Tour 🍻

Embark on a flavorful journey through Buenos Aires with the Beer Tasting & Street Food tour, a 3.5-hour excursion into the culinary heart of Palermo.

You’ll delve into the vibrant local scene, tasting the best of Argentine flavors.

This small group experience, capped at 10 participants, promises an intimate and engaging adventure.

To get things started off right, the tour begins with a diverse tasting of 10 different Argentine craft beers, each offering a taste of the country’s growing artisanal beer culture.

Complementing these brews are delicious tapas, followed by a sweet treat such as brownie paired with homemade ice cream.

Next wander through trendy Palermo‘s bustling streets, and on to enjoy two authentic local favorites like the choripan and the classic Argentine empanada.

📍Ideal for food enthusiasts, culture lovers, or anyone looking to connect with the essence of the city, this tour offers a unique blend of cultural exploration and gastronomy.

Get a unique first taste of Buenos Aires, where each beer and bite tells a story of this dynamic city.

• Meet-up in Palermo Bar 🥤

• Walking tour, not rigorous

• Small Group

• Vegetarian options

• Not cancelled for rain ☔️

Buenos Aires Pub Crawl Staff take care of guests
His logic is hard to argue with
Try asado in argentina

Discover Argentina’s Asado Tradition in a friendly, fireside atmosphere.

San Telmo Day Drinking & Food Tour 🍷

Get started early and discover one of the oldest barrios of Buenos Aires on the San Telmo Lunch Food Tour.

A three-and-a-half-hour walking, drinking and learning experience that combines the joys of local cuisine, sightseeing, and warm companionship.

San Telmo dates to the city’s founding and a stroll around this neighborhood is an invitation to savor Argentine tradition through all the senses.

Join fellow travelers at the classic cafe/bar El Federal, dating back to the 1850s and then check out the bustling San Telmo indoor market, to see authentic local establishments.

During the course of the tour, you’ll visit at least four dining establishments from local dives to finer dining, sampling over eight authentic Argentine dishes.

Wander through the vibrant streets of bohemian San Telmo with a local guide, and let every bite and every sight unveil a piece of Argentine history and contemporary lifestyle.

📍 Perfect for architecture and history lovers who like conversation and trying different foods

• Meet-up in San Telmo Bar 🥤

• Walking tour, not rigorous

• Small Group

• Not cancelled for rain ☔️

It starts at 11:30 AM for an unforgettable lunch tour, where each stop is a new discovery and every flavor tells a story. Yeah for Day Drinking! (Responsibly, of course 😉)

Drinking & Safety on the Streets of Buenos Aires 🧷

In Buenos Aires, with the rhythm of music filling the streets and clubs, the nightlife sparkles can sometimes make your head spin.

When diving into this festive scene, remember: safety is a secret ingredient to a fantastic time.

Sure, the city’s watchful eyes – those ever-present cameras – might make you feel like no one would dare, but dare they do sometimes.

(Read about the ‘mustard trick’ & other common crimes, if nothing else.)

Keep your wits about you, especially when crossing those bustling streets.

When partaking in local libations, make sure to stay in your pack.

There’s strength (and a lot of fun) in numbers.

Keep an eye on each other because a good night out is all about creating memories, not losing them.

Buenos Aires is all about ‘buena onda‘ – good vibes.

The city thrives on spontaneity and authenticity, so go with the flow and don’t be shy to strike up conversations in janky high school Spanish.

Embrace the local energy, Porteños, as locals are known, have a reputation for friendliness.

So, charge your phone (for those essential selfie moments), put on your dancing pants and immerse yourself in the magic of Buenos Aires’ nocturnal delights.

Cheers to an unforgettable time in one of the most exhilarating cities in the world! 🎉🍷💃

Pub crawlers get wild on the bus taking them around Buenos Aires
The good times roll on in Buenos Aires- archival photo 😉| Buenos Aires’ Pub Crawl-

—by Dan Colasimone

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