Colónia del Sacramento Day Trip: How to Get There, Restaurants & Hotels

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An old cart with the words 'Colonia del Sacramento' painted on it in the historic district of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Ferry Services to Colonia from Buenos Aires

There are three companies that offer ferry passengers over to Colonia del Sacramento from Buenos Aires. They are Busquebus, Colonia Express and Seacat. All offer a fast ferry, that takes approximately 50 minutes, and a cheaper ferry that will get you there in about three hours. Prices are usually very similar, and can vary depending on the season or special offers, so your best bet is to ring and find out, pop in to the ticket offices, which are all within a block of each other downtown, or to search on their websites linked below.

Ferries depart three times a day. For Buquebus and Seacat, they depart from the terminal in Puerto Madero (Antartida Argentina 821), not far from the where you can purchase the tickets.

Colonia Express’ boats leaves from Av. Elvira Rawson de Dellepiane 155, Puerto Madero, which is more convenient for those staying in San Telmo.  These days the best deals are found online at least a couple of weeks in advance of departure. They are also included if you sign up for an intimate group Colonia del Sacramento day tour.

Ferries to Uruguay from Buenos Aires

Cordoba 867
Tel: 4316 6500

Colonia Express
Cordoba 753
Tel: 4313 5100

Cordoba 772
Tel: 4322 9551

Restaurants in Colonia de Sacramento

A man cooking a big pan of paella outdoors at a restaurant in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay,as customers look on from nearby tables.

For visitors on a day trip, most of the restaurants fall into the ‘tourist trap’ category, at least as far as prices are concerned — in a country already notorious for its expensive food (compared to Argentina). Eating away from the historic neighborhood is sure to save you a few pesos. Many of the restaurants on the Barrio Histórico are worth paying extra for due to their fine locations, but remember to be careful when converting prices into Argentinian pesos or dollars.

Most restaurants will except Uruguayan or Argentine pesos and even USD, but the exchange rates offered can make it more expensive to pay with foreign currency. Visitors should note that to save money, paying with a credit or debit card in Uruguay is best because you won’t be charged the high 22% sales tax.

Ganache Café & Pastries $$

Calle Real 178, old town
Tel: 4523 5895

A small house turned cafe in the Old Town is where coffee fiends are going to want to head for a decent morning cup of java. They also have snack options such as pastries, granola and yogurt and refreshing lemonade. A beat up tom cat keeps watch over the outdoor seating area.

Yacht Club $$$
Santa Rita street, along the pier.

Tel: 4522 1682

When you’re in a nice little seaside town, you can’t help but crave a nice little seafood meal once in a while. Such simple pleasures prove unusually hard to find in Colonia, but that’s where the Yacht Club comes to the rescue. At the foot of the peer, the Yacht Club offers indoor or outdoor dining, but big windows ensure the view is a gorgeous one no matter where you sit. Prices are just as expensive as most other Colonia restaurants, but at least here you feel you are getting some value for money. Seafood pastas or paellas are the menu highlights. You know it’s good, because it’s where the locals are eating.

El Drugstore $$$
Portugal 174 (and Vasconsellos street.)
Tel: 452-25241

El Drugstore restaurant in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Like a vacuous model, El Drugstore is all style and little substance. With an ideal location at the corner of the main plaza, directly in front of the basilica, sitting down at one of the tables out on the cobblestones on a sunny day is hard to resist.  Even the bohemian interior decor is reminiscent of a hip San Telmo or Palermo rockabilly bar in Buenos Aires.  The menu is also refreshing, with a few Asian dishes as well as some interesting sounding pastas and seafood plates.  Prices are on the high side, and although sometimes it is worth paying extra for some ambiance, El Drugstore disappoints it in the food department.  Dishes are generally lacking flavor and uninteresting.

Service is also poor and slow — nobody is in a rush in Colonia, but it’d be nice if they brought the condiments before the meal is over And just when you think, ‘at least we can listen to some live music while we eat,’ they go ahead and charge you extra for it on the bill.  With limited options in town, El Drugstore is probably worth a look — just order something simple such as drinks and dessert and don’t expect a taste explosion.

Candela $
Ituzaingo 190
Tel: 452-29273

A better value option is Candela who keep it simple with pizzas, hamburgers and other fast food.  Despite showing questionable taste by proudly proclaiming that their food is provided by ‘McCain,’ dishes are abundant and usually enjoyable.  It ain’t the Four Seasons, but it’s food and it’s much more affordable than other options.  If you’re not in Colonia for the fine dining, a hearty pizza and a pitcher of beer at Candela should do the trick.

Istabul – $$
De San Jose 108 Esq, 8
Tel: 93 876 588

Istanbul Gourmet Restaurante in Colonia del Sacramento serves up traditional Turkish food at Colonia del Sacramento pricesThose looking to take a break from the Uruguayan classic dishes such as paella and chivito could head to Istanbul for traditional Turkish food. They also have a range of vegetarian options. Again, it’s a little more expensive than what one would expect, but not wildly overpriced like some other restaurants nearby. Another option to find a good cup of Turkish coffee in Colonia. Be aware that kids under six are not permitted.

Puerto Madera $$$
Santa Rita 87

Another well-situated restaurant which is let down in the food and service departments. Heralded by the flags of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and for some reason, The United States (tourist panderers!), tables overlook the water from a raised deck. Cats, dogs and waiters loaf about nonchalantly. The menu is again quite interesting, with some Cuban flavors alongside the usual pizzas and pastas.  The food is not terrible, but nor will it blow your hair back. And when the bill eventually comes, you will be left feeling a little bit exploited. The same goes for the nearby Parilla Santa Rita.

Charco Bistro $$$
San Pedro 116
Tel: 4523-5000
Hours: 8 a.m. -11 p.m

The bistro at Charco hotel offers up tenderloin steak, rack of lamb, grilled salmon, veggie-filled raviolis and even poké in a modern, minimalist ambience. A kids menu means there are a few choices for younger members of the family too. The views of the water and outdoor seating makes this a nice place to linger on the terrace during the afternoon.

Bars, Microbreweries & Wine Bars

Chopería Mastra Colonia $$
Del Comercio 158 – local 9.
Tel: 4523-8853
Hours: Mon 12—5 p.m.
Wed-Sat 1p.m—5p.m/8p.m—1a.m.
Sundays: 1p.m—12p.m

A little beer house in a historic setting in Colonia’s historic district that offers up a variety of homemade beers including a Belgium blonde ale, as well as other ales, a couple of IPA’s and a bitter American stout with a hint of chocolate. Limited menu on the food front but good options are Uruguay’s national dish of Chivito (also available in a vegetarian version), picadas (meat and cheese platter) and burgers.

Barbot Brewpub $$
Washington Barbot 160
Tel:  4522-7268
Mon-Thurs 6:00 p.m -2 a.m.
Fri-Sun 12: p.m.-3 a.m.

Another tiny beerhouse with a great variety of delicious microbrews to choose from including a pumpkin ale, Kölsch, ‘Dublin stout’ and a ‘Mumbai IPA.’ There is sometimes live music on weekend nights. Outdoor seating is a bonus. On the menu are passable pizzas and Tex-mex style food.

El Buen Suspiro $$$
Calle De Los Suspiros 90
Tel: 4522-6160
Hours: 11:15 a.m.-12 a.m. everyday

A romantic but rustic little wine bar in one of the city’s original structures built by the Portuguese. This is the perfect place to try Uruguay’s signature wine, Tannat and a picada (meat and cheese platter). The staff and even the house cat are friendly. In the summer you can also enjoys salads on the patio, and in the winter soups by the warmth of the fire. Reservations recommended at dinnertime in the high season,  accepts credit cards.

Places to Stay in Colónia del Sacramento

Don Antonio Posada is a nice four-star option a block from Colónia’s historic area and walking distance from the port. Rooms are nice and spacious. All the usual amenities, including wifi, a nice breakfast spread and an outdoor pool.

Don Antonio Posada -$$$
Ituzaingo 232
Colonia Del Sacramento

Posada Las Terrazas is a good four-star option for couples or families. Amenities include a pool, bar and common areas, air-conditioning and on-site babysitting.  The great location is two blocks from the beach and right on the outskirts of the old town, meaning it’s centrally-located but quiet at night.

Posada Las Terrazas -$$$
Manual Lobo 281
Colonia Del Sacramento

Posada del Virrey is a bit less expensive than similar properties, as a three-and a half star hotel with airy rooms starting at about $85. Set in the beautiful ‘Mansión del Virrey’ in the heart of the old quarter, this hotel offers tons of character, comfy beds, cable TV in every room, a nice staff and homemade breakfast. An international array of guests just adds to the charm.

Posada del Virrey
de España 217

Colonia Del Sacramento

 Budget Accommodation in Colonia

Hotel Rivera is a clean, cute and friendly two-star hotel near the historic neighborhood. Basic rooms start at at under $70. In common areas there is a gas fireplace, rustic decorations and lots of plants.  A good option for those who don’t want to do the hostel thing, but also don’t want to pay too much for accommodation (since you will need the extra cash for food!).

Hotel Rivera
Rivera 131
Colonia Del Sacramento


The sunny reception desk at Viajero Hostel, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

There aren’t too many hostel in Colonia del Sacramento and now that El Viajero Hostel Suites Colonia bought out a larger hostel in town, it is the best budget option in the historic district for those looking to save money on lodging and meet people. It recently relocated to a beautiful historic building six blocks from Barrio Historico. This well-run hostel has locations in Colónia, Montevideo & Punta del Este.

Visitors can chose between a private room, or dorms with four or six people.

The 'living room' area of Viajero Hostel in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

El Viajero Hostel Suites-$
General Flores 440
Colonia Del Sacramento

Hot Tip:  Some of the hotels in Colonia close down in the winter season, so if traveling in the winter, make sure you check and make reservations beforehand.
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