Pride Cafe: San Telmo’s LGBTQ Daytime Hangout

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Pride Cafe interior in san telmo buenos aires

San Telmo’s first gay but hetero-friendly coffee and lunch joint is modern and fresh and has been around for years.

The GQ-pretty customers only add to the sunny well-scrubbed feel of this daytime café.

Irish coffee
Irish Coffee at Pride Cafe’s outdoor seating area

Here you’ll find all sorts of coffee drinks, international magazines to peruse, music videos of various divas gyrating on screen, and modern art on the walls.

The crowd is a diverse mix of attractive middle-aged couples and groups, well-read European bohos and international students from the prestigious University of Film across the street.

Pride is the perfect hangout for those who prefer to skip the discos and enjoy the daylight hours on a picturesque side street away from the usual bustle of San Telmo.

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Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda & Desserts at Pride Cafe

A tostada is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich

In the morning you can get a nice asic breakfast with options such as ‘country bread,’ cereals, yogurt and fresh-squeezed juice.

The early hours are also the ideal time to bring your laptop and take advantage of the free wifi while sipping on a delicious Pride Café — coffee with honey and cream.

For lunch or a light early dinner Pride offers a selection of salads and homemade soups, cheese plates, basic sandwiches, bruschettas (try the smoked salmon).

For merienda they have coffee drinks such as Irish coffee and exquisite desserts such as apple pie and chocolate cake served up on square ceramic plates.

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outdoor tables at san telmo's pride cafe

Summertime thirst quenchers include fresh squeezed lemonade with mint and ginger.

A well thought-out and reasonably priced cocktail list includes the refreshing Scropino – vodka and lemon sherbet.

On weekends, particularly on Sundays during the San Telmo Street Fair, Pride gets busy.

Consider yourself fortunate if you get one of the sleek metal tables on the sidewalk to sit and people watch.

On other days it will be less busy and it’s still worthwhile to check out some tango in nearby Dorrego Plaza or just have a coffee here and then head to the San Telmo Market for a large variety of food options.

If you do sit outside make sure you secure your belongings (a friend got their laptop stolen here!)

A favored San Telmo café, but beware —like a boyfriend who becomes inattentive when others come ringing his bell, a bit of the charm gets lost when the place is packed and service gets slow.

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Pride Cafe -$$
Balcarce 869
San Telmo
Tel: 4300-6435

•Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am—8pm
Sat: 11am—8pm
Sun: 10am—8pm

• Cash only