Sports Bars Buenos Aires: Where to Watch Home Teams in Buenos Aires

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In Buenos Aires and wondering what bar you can watch the Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs or any other big international sports match?

For expats and travelers eager to support their home teams across a range of sports—from the NBA and F1 to MLB, EFL, La Liga, and beyond—or to immerse themselves in significant events like the Super Bowl or NCAA playoffs, options may seem limited. 

However, a select few bars and pubs in Buenos Aires cater specifically to international tournaments.

Local Game-Watching Culture

Argentina’s sporting culture is deeply entrenched in football, rugby, polo, horse racing and increasingly, cricket.

But Argentina doesn’t have much of the North American ‘sports bar’ concept, where gatherings are centered around a variety of sports on TV including American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. 

Instead, Buenos Aires and towns throughout Argentina offer the traditional ‘cafe-bar,’ a staple for football (soccer) fans and other local sports enthusiasts, but really only if there’s a big game. 

If you’d like to see a local game in a bar just ask: “¿Pasan el partido, no?” and they will inevitably say, “.”

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These venues might not prioritize sports and big screens, but they transform into friendly communal hubs for local soccer matches.

If looking to watch big soccer games such as the World Cup or Copa America favorites like Gibraltar, the historic Bar Britanico and the Irish pubs in Retiro may suffice. 

If you are looking to watch a specific game from another league, one of the bars below should have you covered. If they don’t have your game on, you can always ask.

When International Sports Take the Stage

Michael Jordan jumpshot statue
Look for Michael Jordan taking a jump shot when on the city’s most famous avenue

For those moments when you’re far from home yet don’t want to miss out on the excitement of cheering for your favorite international teams, Buenos Aires has limited options. 

A few establishments boast satellite feeds and multiple screens, convening sports enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to find a slice of home amidst the buzz of international camaraderie. 

Whether it’s a regular season game or the high stakes of playoff matches, the following bars offer a sanctuary for sports fans rooting for their home teams while in Buenos Aires. 

Bars to Watch Your Home Teams

Bar 1175 with bartender - the original 'El Alamo'

1175 Bar & Lounge

Uruguay 1175


Opens at 4:00 p.m. daily-$$

The original El Alamo ‘Shoeless Joe’s’ is now listed as 1175 online.

This venue has shifted its focus to a younger crowd, moving away from its previous expat-centric vibe.

 It remains a solid choice for catching a game during the week, with three levels of seating and an abundance of screens ensuring a lively atmosphere.

El Alamo – Palermo Viejo

Av. Córdoba 5267

Palermo Viejo

Open Fri & Sat 8:00 p.m. – 4:30 a.m.— $$

Though it shares ownership with 1175, El Alamo in Palermo Viejo stands on its own as a dive bar in the fancy part of town. 

With a terrace and indoor smoking, it continues to draw mixed reviews similar to its predecessor. 

Yet, for significant events like the World Cup or Superbowl, it’s among the go-to spots, alongside others in the city.

They may charge a cover to get in, which goes towards your drinks.

It’s a policy that keeps out people with empty pockets who may be selling items or looking to scam gringos.

Sullivan’s Irish Pub – Palermo Soho

Jorge Luis Borges 1702,

near Plaza Serrano, Palermo —$$

Offering Guinness and traditional pub fare like Shepard’s Pie, Sullivan’s is more about the atmosphere than culinary excellence.

The basic pub menu includes staples like fish and chips and hamburgers, though reviews suggest dining might not be the highlight.

Triumph Sports Bar – Monserrat/Microcentro

Bernado de Irigoyen 18

Open Mon-Sat -$$$


A relative newcomer, Triumph can’t be missed with its life-size Michael Jordon statue at the entrance near the corner of two of the city’s most famous streets: Avenida de Mayo and 9 de Julio. 

This bar dedicates itself to sports fans with large screens and a variety of games broadcasted simultaneously. 

Triumph sports bar interior
It may not have the best service but Triumph has game broadcasts covered at any time of day

Despite its modern amenities, the bar has faced some critiques for its acoustics, food quality, and pricing transparency, particularly for foreign patrons.

Forewarned is forearmed, try to speak in Spanish.

Hipodromo Sports Bar – Palermo Chico

Av. Del Libertador 4101

Open 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m. daily — $$$

the exterior of the Buenos Aires Hippodrome
The entrance of the Hippodrome

Set within a casino, the Hippodrome Sports Bar offers an immersive experience with wall-to-wall screens and the ambient sound of slot machines in the historic Hipodromo of Palermo.

While the culinary offerings might not impress, the comfortable seating and vibrant atmosphere make it a worthy choice for late-night or early-morning game-watching.

It’s a viable option for those times when your favorite team is playing and you find yourself needing a place to immerse in the game during the unconventional hours that Buenos Aires nights often demand.

And if you want to do your part to make some of the players in the Panama Papers richer, you can bet too.

Did you know there are a bunch of weekly pick-up games and sporting leagues in Buenos Aires you can join too?

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