Soccer Tour: See a Game in Buenos Aires!

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Seeing an Argentine soccer game is an exciting bucket list activity for visitors to Argentina.

Argentina has one of the world’s premier soccer leagues, with 26 teams competing in the Primera División First Division.

The league operates with a system of regulation and promotion with the Primera Nacional, (Second Division).  Regulations of teams down to the Primera Nacional and promotions to the First Division are calculated on a system of averages over a three year period. 

The Big Five are the top teams of the league:

Boca Juniors

The blue and yellow logo of Argentina's Boca Juniors Football club, Argentina's most popular team.

River Plate

The red and white logo of Argentina's River Plate Football club


The logo of Argentina's Independiente Football club

Racing Club

The blue and white logo of Argentina's Racing Football (soccer) club.

San Lorenzo de Almagro

The red and blue offical logo of Argentina's San Lorenzo Football club.

Boca Juniors is Argentina’s most popular team and team most guests want to see when visiting.

The fervency of Boca Juniors fans and their historical stadium, commonly called, La Bombonera offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When making the important decision of choosing an Argentine football team, Boca Juniors is a safe bet.

River Plate is the country’s most second popular team and their stadium, known as ‘Monumental’ is the largest stadium in the country.

Unfortunately both Boca Juniors and River Plate have ‘members only’ policies, so tickets are not sold to the public.

Even most members can’t see the games.

Boca Juniors has 213,000+ Boca team members and only 54,000 seats in the stadium.

Tour Includes:

– Transport

– Tickets to the game (even for games in which only ‘club members’ are normally provided access) that can be kept as a souvenir

– Accompaniment to the game (except Boca Juniors games, a guide can be arranged with an upgrade)

– Expert explanations: bilingual guides explain the ins and outs of the game, translate chants and provide insider details on players and clubs *Not for Boca games at this time without an upgrade

The 'popular' section of Bombonera Stadium

– Accompanied return from the stadium

Terms of online booking:

– Specific game days and times are often settle a few days before the game.

– If game time is not confirmed upon booking please be flexible.

– If for some reason you cannot attend the elected game, please inform us as soon as possible. We will work with you to arrange to see another game.

– Price is determined by the cost of the match tickets

Upcoming Football games

To inquire about upcoming games, check our list of upcoming soccer games. Feel free to send us a message via our contact page our contact form.

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